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New Video Channel about Norfolk History


At the museum, we call him Mr. Norfolk.

Dale Smout is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Norfolk history.  He volunteers in our Archives and has been a board member. Dale has taken on a new project and is recording videos about Norfolk’s heritage, the buildings and people of our past. We will be posting his videos here on our website but you can also follow Dale on his D You Tube Channel. 

Take a peek below at this first video. We’re excited for more videos from Dale.



  1. REPLY
    Joan Norman says

    Awesome, looking forward to the next one.

  2. REPLY
    Peggy says

    Looks good!!! Excited to see where you will take us. Only comments I have to make is the sound dropped down very low at the end. Thanks for doing the videos.

  3. REPLY
    Jay Hoover says

    Thank you. I was born and raised in Simcoe. Looking forward to future videos of Simcoe and the surrounding communities and their stories.

  4. REPLY
    Barbara A. Seitz U E says

    Hi Lynn, Always ready to be taken into the future with cell phones and internet websites, great place for our Norfolk County. We sure do stand out in Southern Ontario. Changes go with the times and new family arrivals to build a Community. Yes we are growing, with much to offer, then we need to do more and make changes faster.
    Happy to volunteer anytime.

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