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Norfolk Historical Society and Norfolk County Agreement

The Norfolk Historical Society (NHS) membership approved the following motion at a meeting held Thursday January 11, 2018:

“That the Norfolk Historical Society agrees to the terms and conditions of the Asset Transfer and Assumptions of Operation Agreement as negotiated with the Corporation of Norfolk County.”

This transfer will take place on Jan. 31, 2018.

Under this agreement, the Corporation of Norfolk County will take over the operation and expansion of the archives, as well as the operation of a seasonal community museum. Both will be under the direction of paid professional staff.

The collections previously managed and maintained by the NHS will thus be protected, managed and maintained by Norfolk County, in the building where they have been housed for over 75 years.

The NHS will continue to exist as a non-profit charity dedicated to the preservation and promotion of history in Norfolk County, and will be working closely with county officials to ensure that this historical legacy, which has now been entrusted to their care, is preserved and promoted for the benefit of Norfolk’s citizens for years to come.

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