Norfolklore Speakers' Series

Ancestry 101

10 am - 11 am 

Topics covered will include navigating your way through Ancestry, basic search methods to use, wild cards, record types and sources, card catalogue, managing your search results and using the reference, research tools and finding aids on Ancestry. Presented by Keitha Davis. 

Breaking Down Brick Walls with Facebook

11:15 am - 12:15 pm 

Facebook isn't just for sharing what you ate for dinner last night. An often overlooked resource when it comes to family history research, Facebook can help you expand your knowledge of specific ethnic research, connect with knowledgeable genealogists. meet historians local to your ancestral hometown and maybe connect with a distant cousin or two.  Learn how to use Facebook to tap into a wealth of online knowledge and learn about the hundreds of genealogy online groups that can help you break down your family history brick wall. Presented by Lynn Palermo

How to Be a Photograph Detective

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm 

Have a pile of old photographs but no idea when they were taken? How can you tell if it is your great grandfather or great-great-great grandfather? This session will discuss how to date your photographs using fashions, scenery, and photographic methods. These hints will help you take some of the guesswork out of your photos and put faces to your ancestors. Presented by Helen Bartens


Talking Tombstones: What They Tell Us About Our Ancestors

Cemeteries are an important part of a family historian's research. However, there can be more information in a cemetery than we first realize. In this presentation, Dale Smout, genealogist, and local historian takes us on a walk through the cemetery and shows us some of the things we can learn from the tombstones that mark our ancestor's  graves. You might be surprised at the information you may be missing.




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