Family Histories
Perhaps a distant cousin has already documented one or more of the Norfolk County branches of your family tree.

Here is an incomplete, but already long and growing list of genealogies already on file in the archives of the Norfolk Historical Society. Most are out of print and available only for in-house inspection in the archives' reading room. If you are unable to visit the Archives yourself, an experienced volunteer will research these publications for you for a modest research fee.

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Story of the
Ackerts, Peter and Catherine, and their descendants, 1793-1993
by Anne S. Ackert. Self-published, hard cover, approximately 200 typewritten pages. Many photographs. NHS Archives code number: FAMILIES A10

Anderson. Notes on the Doan and Anderson families
by unidentifed author. More a collection of typewritten papers than a genealogy. Typeset, loose-leaf, approximately 50 pages. NHS Archives code number: GEN A-9 

John Anderson Story
by Marion W. Anderson of Waterford, Ontario. Unpublished, loose-leaf binder, typed text, photographs, 1989. Archives code number: FAMILIES A-6

Descendants of John Richard Anger  
by Robert L. Heil of St. Thomas, Ontario. Unpublished, word processed monograph, 9 pages. Undated, but includes references as recent as 1993. 
NHS Archives code number: FAMILIES A11 

Aiston - Chamberlain Family History  
by Louise Aiston Chamberlain. Published by American Memories, Stuart, Florida, 1981. Hardcover, 556 pages.  NHS Archives code number: FAMILIES A-1 

Atkinson Family Tree 
by Edward L. Atkinson. Unpublished monograph, approximately 15 pages, 1989.  
NHS Archives code number: FAMILIES A-5 

Sources in Austin Genealogy  
by William R. Yeager. Published by the Norfolk Historical Society, 1978. Loose-leaf, typed, 145-page mineograph, unbound, three-hole punched. Includes photographs, source notes, genealogy, historical document quotations. Available from the Norfolk Historical Society's Gift Shoppe.

Awde Family History  
edited by Hilda Awde. Published by Murray Awde, 1989. Indexed, soft cover, coil bound, 227 pages. Includes text, charts and pictures.  NHS Archives code number: FAMILIES A-7 

Awde Family History (Volume 2) 
by Hilda Awde and Douglas H. Jones. Unpublished.. Duo-Tang bound 15 desktop publishing pages. 1997. NHS Archives code number: FAMILIES A-7 [note duplication]. 

Axford Family History, 1681-1989  
by Shirley M. Ewanick. Self-published, 1989. 321 pages, hard cover.   
NHS Archives code number: FAMILIES A-3(b)  

Axfords of New Jersey  
by Donald E. Axford. Unpublished, loose-leaf monograph. 393 pages, soft cover.  
NHS Archives code number: FAMILIES A-3 

Axfords of Oxford, New Jersey, beginning in 1725  
by William Clinton Armstrong of Blairstown, New Jersey. Reprinted by Genealogical Researchers, Washington, New Jersey, 1984.

Annie Amelia Backus (1856-1938) Doctor of Aylmer West, Ontario  
by William G. Stewart of St. Thomas, Ontario, undated. 8 pages, typewritten, photocopied. Loose leaf, bound, soft cover

The Bacon - Allen Connection
by Rosemary Allen Steenstra of Grand Rapids, Michigan, 1986. 16 bound loose leaf photocopied pages (including several pages of photocopied photos) detailing connections with the Burton, Howe, Leach and Mills families as well.

Bacon - Beckon. The Descendants of Nathaniel Bacon and Jeremiah Beckon Jr., two sons of Jeremiah Bacon and Eunice Culver of Monmouth, New Jersey  
by Charles Lawrence Beckon of Lansing, Michigan, undated. Photocopies of 12 typewritten pages. Loose leaf, bound, soft cover 

Ball (Jacob Ball, U.E.L., married Mary Elizabeth Mann)  
by John and Lorraine Rogers of London, Ontario, 1990. Approximately 100 pages, photocopies of handwritten originals, in a three-ring binder. A collection of Ball resource materials from various sources. 

The Ball Family of Guysborough  
by Cecil M. Ball of Tillsonburg, Ontario, 1988. Approximately 225 loose leaf typewritten pages, cerlox bound 

A Genealogy of William Ball and his Descendants (1783 to 1982) 
compiled and published by Ida Florence Wright Crozier, U.E.; Hard cover, 315 pages. 
ISBN 0-96990727-4-0 NHS Archives code number: FAMILIES B 17. 

Family Record of James Banfield and Martha McGraw of Walpole Township, Haldimond County  
by Keith Nathan Topp of Etobicoke, Ontario, 1988. Approximately 30 loose leaf pages 

Bannister Family  
by Family Members. 34 page loose leaf photocopy of previously published booklet. 

by Donald M. Smith and Gerald W. Smith, 1992. John Bantum and his wife Ann from England to New Jersey in 1802. One of their sons, William C. Bantam married Mercy Ethel Wheeler and settled in Port Rowan in 1845. This is their story. Approximately 100 typewritten manuscript pages, which includes Bantam genealogy.

Genealogical Record of the Barnum Family of Danbury, Conn. and Norfolk County, Ontario  
by Clarence W. Wood of Chelsea, Michigan, 1994. Donated to the NHS by Mrs. Annie Davis of Woodstock, Ontario. This is a photocopy of: Genealogical Record of the Barnum Family presenting a conspectus of the male descendants of Thomas Barnum (1625-1695) compiled by Eben Lewis Barnum and Rev. Francis Barnum, S.J. Gardner, Mass.: Meals Printing Co., 1912. NHS archive code: FAMILIES B 36 

Barrett International Register Index  
by Dan E. Barrett of Streetsville, Ontario, 1995. ISBN 0-921723-12-1 Soft cover, 95 pages. Provides hundreds of current Barrett descendants' mailing addresses. 

Beamer Lore  
by Nancy J. Beamer of Thorold, Ontario, originally published in 1928. 40 photocopied pages of the original booklet. Loose leaf, bound, soft cover. 

Your Beaupre Heritage
The descendants of Francois-Martial Count De Choiseul (1717-1782) and Madeline, Countess Medavy ( - 1782) by Irene (Beaupre) Irving and Ruth (Beaupre) Ankerman, 1983. 157 typewritten self-published pages printed by Harold I. Pond of Simcoe, Ontario. Soft cover. 

Ancestors & Descendants of Frederick Ludwig Beck (11 Mar 2023 - 14 Oct 2023) married Eve Schwingel (18 Nov 2022 - 21 Jun 2023) of South Cayuga, Haldimand County  
by Keith Nathan Topp, 1988. 41 pages, loose leaf, bound, soft cover

Descendants of Michael Beck and Margaret McCaffrey  
by Mrs. Sharon Dupre of Napanee, Ontario, 1981. Approximately 40 photocopies of unnumbered typewritten pages. Loose leaf, bound, soft cover. 

Abigail Becker: A Contextual Biography with References  
by Patrick Young, 1990. Approximately 75 pages in a Duo-Tang binding. 
NHS Archives code number: FAMILIES B-3. 

I've been Lucky! by Alexander S. Bellas
An autobiography. Las Vegas, Nevada, 1986. Alexander S. Bellas married Leila Turnbull at Langton, Ontario in 1932. Hard cover, 111 pages, includes photos. 

The Combined Biggar Genealogy  
by Kathryn Newkird Graham of Vancouver, Washington, 1996. 
Desktop published 102 pages in Duo-Tang folder. FAMILIES B 37

Birdsall Family  
by George A. Birdsall of Annadale, Virginia. Copyright 1958. Revised 1964. 153 page book. Soft cover. Typewritten. Offset printed. 

Philip Bohmer Family History and Genealogy of Three Sons, John Bemer of Simcoe, Joseph Beemer of Alymer, Henry Beemer of Waterford, 1739-1964. Compiled by Vera E (Baldwin) Van Lynegraf, 456 North Second Street, San Jose, California, 1964. Three ring binder of mimeographed pages, approximately 150 pages. Unpublished. No index. 

Bowlby Families in England and America - Part 1  
by Raymond Edwin Bowlby of St. Petersburg Beach, Florida, 1988. Approx. 9 loose leaf pages 

Our Bowlby Kin Volume 1 
by Miss June B. Barckman of Chicago, Illinois, 1974; and Our Bowlby Kin, United Empire Loyalists: The Richard Bowlby Family, by Raymond Edwin Bowlby, 1978. Two publications in one volume. Loose leaf, bound, soft cover. 

Bradshaw and Related Families  
by Evelyn M. (Bradshaw) Wright. Published by Generations Press, Agincourt, Ontario 1985. ISBN 0-920830-28-5 Hard cover book. 586 pages. 

Joseph Brant, Thayendanegea
by Mary M. Fraser. Published by The Board of Management of the Joseph Brant Museum, Burlington, Ontario, 1969. 16 pages. NHS Archives code number: FAMILIES B-2 

Descendants of Thomas Brock  
by Robert Grant Espie. Self-published in West Hartford CT, 1991. Soft cover, desktop published, coil bound, approximately 50 pages

Descendants of Benjamin Brook, his son Richard Brook 1815-1878 and wife Martha Thompson 1817-1896  
by Harry Joseph Brook of Simcoe, Ontario, 1945. Approximately 75 photocopied pages of typewritten (double spaced) manuscript in a three ring binder. Primarily a collection of transcripts from the Simcoe Reformer newspaper about the births, marriages, deaths and career highlights of members of this family. Includes a limited genealogy of Eva (Brook) Donly, who left her home to the town of Simcoe to be used as a Museum.

Ancestry & Posterity of Brinton Paine Brown and of Elizabeth Hoy Brown, by E. B. Brown, and a Supplement: Enoch B. Brown, Maria Williams, Isaac Foster, Charles Cohoon
by Hughena Foster Williams. Published by Liberal Book Presses, Tillsonburg, Ontario. Indexed, paperback booklet with charts and pictures. NHS Archivies code number: B-4 

Brown Family History
The family record of ancestors & descendants of William Brown (1805 - 1898) and Jannet McLuckie (1806 - 1881) of Senca Township, Haldimand County
-- by Keith Nathan Topp of Etobicoke, Ontario, 1991. 45 loose leaf pages bound in folder. Includes photocopies of maps, obituaries, etc. 

Brown Family History
The family record of John Brown Jr. and his wife Elizabeth Payne, of North Cayuga, Haldimald County
-- by Keith Nathan Topp of Etobicoke, Ontario, 1989. Approximately 85 loose leaf pages, bound in folder. Includes photocopies of maps, photos, obituaries, etc. 

Bruner - Knisley Kith and Kin  
by Violet Charlotte Kluge Goold of Marionville, MO., 1986. Descendants of George Bruner and Elizabeth Tofflemire and of David Knisley and Elizabeth Hoover. 310 pages. Privately published. Hard cover. 

Buchner of New Jersey and Michigan  
by Mrs. Luena Y. Bell of Davison, Michigan. undated. approximately 50 loose leaf pages of photocopies of research notes (some typed, some typeset, some handwritten)

Historical Sketch of Buchner Family in America and descendants of A. O. Buchner by Mrs. Orrena Buchner Hanley. undated. 17 page, loose leaf manuscript

Descendants of John Caldwell, U.E.L.  
by Norma Caldwell Byrnes of Lorrian, Ohio, circa 1992. 140 page typewritten manuscript in three ring binder. NHS archive call number FAMILIES C 25. 

The Cameron Family Tree  
by Marie Smith Hamilton. Donald Cameron, born 1790, Jane Stuart, born 1803, and their children. 118 typewritten, copied pages. Includes a few source documents. Soft cover. Small format. 

Camp, Jones and Related Families  
by Nell Jones Carter of Tallahassee, Florida, 1977. Hard cover. 430 indexed pages. Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 77-79629. NHS Identification Number: FAMILIES C 1 

Genealogy of John Brock Carpenter 1819-1889.  
No author credited. Undated. 22 loose leaf pages in a three ring binder. Includes original photographs of 1800s family members, an original letter dated at Simcoe, Ontario 16 Nov 2022 and typewritten notes and related newspaper clippings. FAMILIES Caprenter John Brock C 11 

Carson. Descendants of William John and Mary Catherine (Jenereaux) Carson of Norfolk County, Ontario and Tuscola County, Michigan by Allen R. Streeter. First edition 1983; second edition 1988. 32 page, small format booklet manuscript. NHS archive call number: FAMILIES C 24 

Casey Family Tree  
by Evie McCaffery. Ridgetown, Ontario: Dominion Press Ltd., 1980 (Primarily an Elgin County, Ontario reference.) 179 pages. Hard Cover. 
NHS Identification Number: FAMILIES C 4. 

Speeches and Addresses of John Charlton. Toronto, Ontario: Marang & Co. Ltd., 1905. Retail vendor's stamp: "Bazaar, Geo. Williamson, Simcoe, Ontario. Jul 27 1905." Hard Cover. 

Andrew Chips and Agnes Wilson Family  
by Bernice Soave of Bloomfield, Michigan with additional information provided by M. Irene Hopper of Delhi, Ontario. 192 pages in a three ring binder. Photocopies of handwritten originals. Undated, so earlier than 1984. NHS archive code FAMILIES C 15. 

The John Cline Family (1799-1972)  
by Miriam Cline of Mississauga, Ontario, 1972. 46 loose leaf typewritten pages in Duo Tang style cover. NHS archive number FAMILIES Cline C 8 part 1 

Cline. Minnesota Culvers' Canadian Roots: Cline Genealogy  
by Polly Culver Reed of Thief River Falls, Minnesota, 1995. 60 pages in a Duo Tang style cover. Includes many photocopies of photographs and source documents. 
NHS archive number FAMILIES Cline C 8 part 2 

Lambton & Kent. The Story of the Clink and connected families in Lambton & Kent Counties in Western Ontario  
by William L. Clink, 1987. Approximately 100 unnumbered pages of Clink genealogy. Many Charts a few maps, soft cover. Family Names include: Arnold, Barber, Beacom, Beatty, Beachamp, Brethour, Buckley, Cornell, Cossitt, Crysler, Davidson, Decker, Dibble, Fenner, Fletcher, Forsyth, Green, Hood, Hume, Kennedy, Kenward, Lean, Livingston, (Livingstone), Lobstein, McCorkell, McHardy, McQueen, Menery, Mitchell, Moir, O'Neil, Pilkie, Rogatz, Romphf, Schudelat, Settle, Shaw, Sheffield, Toole, Utter and Wilmott.

compiled by M. A. Collins A three ring binder contains a variety of small related genealogies. (1) A brief outline of the history of the family of John Blackwell (1800-1865) and his wife Elizabeth Biggs Murphy (1805-1888) by John D. Blackwell of Hensall, Ontario, 1978. 14 loose leaf typewritten pages. (2) The Francis Colwell - Jane Collins Family by Mervyn Avery Collins, 4 typewritten pages. (3) The Stanley Family Tree by M. A. Collins, 12 loose leaf typewrtten pages. (4) Culyer History of Bruce County and John H. and Lulu Collins Genealogy by M.A. Collins, 1987. NHS archive number FAMILIES C 10 

From the Shamrock to the Maple: A Collins Family Story 1775-1982  
by Mervyn Avery Collins, 1982. 186 page soft cover self-published book. NHS archive number FAMILIES C 10. Collver, Colver: also see Culver. 

Jabez Collver's Religious Copybook  
by Jabez Collver. Photocopy of original. Written 1811-1817. Approximately 40 photocopies, loose leaf, bound in folder 

Colver - Culver Family Genealogy
Descendants of Edward Colver of Groton,Connecticut to the 13th generations in America 
by Valerie Dyer Giorgi of Santa Maria, California, 1984. Chelsea, Michigan: Bookcrafters, Inc, 1984. Privately published hard cover book. ISBN: 0-9614222-0-3. Library of Congress Catalog Number 84-72989. Copy 365 of 1,000 copies. 13 generations. 692 indexed pages. NHS Indentification Number: FAMILIES C 7. 

Colver - Culver Genealogy  
by Frederic Lathrop Colver. undated typewritten manuscript. Approximately 50 loose leaf pages in a three ring binder. Includes several handwritten and typed post publication additions 

Collvers - Culvers Past and Present (draft) 
compiled by William L. McLaughlin of London, Ontario, 1996. Approximately 145 loose leaf pages in a three-three binder, printouts from Personal Roots for Windows. 

Sources in Collver / Culver Genealogy  
edited by William R. Yeager. Published by the Norfolk Historical Society, 1976. Approximately 114 loose leaf pages, mimeographed. Several copies. All in separate three-ring binders. Many include additional handwritten and/or typed entries added post publication by family members and other researchers, which, in some cases, doubles the page count. (Other copies of reference volume are still available for sale from the Norfolk Historical Society.) 

The Cone Family in Canada. Russell Freeman Cone and Descendants  
by Charles Deane Kent of Ottawa, Ontario. Ottawa, Ontario: Westboro Printers Ltd., 1985. ISBN 0-9691880-0-5. Soft cover book. 448 pages. 

The Andrew Cook Genealogy: A Genealogical Sketch of the Descendants of Andrew and Anna Christina (Palmer) Cook, 1769-1970  
by John and Eileen (Shepherd) Houser. Printed in Canada. Donated to the NHS by Mrs. Peter Dunton (nee Ruth Cook) of Burlington, Ontario. 580  self-published indexed, typewritten pages. Soft cover. NHS Identification code: FAMILIES C 6 

Echos from Andrew and Ann: The Gentle Cook Embrace, Vol. 1 
Andrew Cook and Anna Christina Palmer Family History, 1769-1990
by Frederick Douglas Hamilton Cook and Kathryn Ellen May (Somerville) Cook. Tillsonburg, Ontario: The Andrew Cook Genealogical Society Inc., 1992. Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 92-73007. NHS archives reference FAMILIES COOK C 26. Hard cover, over 761 pages. 

William Cope, U.E.L., Phoebe Ellsworth, their family and descendants, Copetown, Ontario by Alvin L.Monroe of Carlsbad, New Mexico. Orark, Missouri: Dogwood Printing (undated, but approximately 1989). 98 typewritten pages plus index. Includes a few maps and a genealogy of a Michigan Monroe family. Soft cover. 

My Gramma was a Cope  
compiled by Alvin L. Munroe of Carlsbad, New Mexico, 1995. (A revised, updated and re-titled version of William Cope, U.E.L., Phoebe Ellsworth, their family and descendants, Copetown, Ontario by the same author.) 320 pages, plus copies of source documents. Soft cover. Indexed. 

My Gramma was a Cope Addendum  
by Alvin L. Munroe of Carlsbad, New Mexico, 1997. Approximately 75 loose leaf pages, Duo-Tang cover. 

The Cope Family  
by Patricia Welsh of St. Williams, Ontario, 1989. 27 loose leaf typewritten pages. Includes copies of maps, source documents. 

Corless, Brooks and Related Families
A Family Study. Descendants of Jesse and Polly (Chase) Corless and David and Ann (Clark) Brooks with Connected Families: Bailey, Charlton, Chase, Dexter, Harris, Hildreth, Luethe, Newell, Shain, Welch, Whaley, Woolley
by Lee and Mae Corless of Grosse Point Woods, Michigan, 1980. Hard cover. 463 indexed pages including a few photos. 

Daniel Corson 1783-1849
Six Generations of the Canadian Corson family from Daniel Corson and Rebecca Lawirson who came to Clinton Township, Niagara Territory from Sussex, New Jersey
by Corson Ellis of Atlantic Highland, New Jersey, 1994. A 20 page laser printed pedigree chart in a Duo-Tang cover. NHS call number: FAMILIIES C 28 

The Canadian Corson Family and their cousins
The first three generations. No author credited. Not dated. 14 unnumbered typeset, photocopied pages. Includes sources. In a Duo-Tang cover. NHS call number: FAMILIES C 30 

Cowan Clan United Volume 1-5. 
A collection of Cowan family newsletters dated Apr 1969 to Jul 1974. Donated to NHS by Helen L. Smith. Approximately 300 loose leaf pages in a Duo Tang style cover. NHS archive number FAMILIES Cowan C 13A 

Cowan Clan United Volumes 6 to 8. 
A collection of Cowan family newsletters dates 1974 to 1977. Compiled by Winnifred Beatty of Detroit, Michigan. Approximately 150 loose leaf pages in a three ring binder. NHS archive number FAMILIES Cowan C 13B

The Family History of George Crane 1794-1872 and his wife Elizabeth Wright 1793-1865 compiled by June (Henry) Hlassen of London, Ontario, 1985. 83 typewritten pages in a Duo Tang cover. NHS archive number FAMILIES Crane C 12

The Crawford Family History
The Family of James Crawford and his wife Rachel Benedict by Ruth Ellis of Woodstock, Ontario, 1995. Printed in Canada. 206 pages including pictures and copies of source documents. NHS call number: FAMILIES C 29

Crysler and Chrysler Family Trees  
by H. Crysler Hilliker, 1974. Indexed, 155 page type written manuscript in three ring binder. NHS archive call number: FAMILIES C 23A 

Crysler and Chrysler Family Trees Supplement  
by H. Crysler Hilliker, 1981. Indexed, typewrittene manuscript, in three ring binder. NHS archive call number: FAMILIES C 23 B. 

Crooker Chronicles: Descendants of James Crooker after the War of 1812  
by Louise Reynolds, U.E., of Mississauga, Ontario, 1993. 724 pages including index, bibliography and references. ISBN 0-9697579-0-5. Hard Cover. Bound by Felton Bookbindng Ltd., Georgetown, Ontario. 

Culver. Also see Collver, Colver. Minnesota Culvers' Canadian Roots
Culver genealogy by Polly Culver Reed of Thief River Falls, Minnesota. Undated manuscript. Dot-matrix computer print out. Includes photocopies of historical documents and family photographs (black & white and color). Approximately 100 unnumbered pages. 

The Descendants of Gabriel Cunningham by Joan Pate of Troy Michigan, 1987. Includes Mary Stitt's genealogy. 127 indexed pages. Includes photo. Soft cover book. 

Curtis, Birdsill, MacDonald  
by Beverly Magee Daugavietis of Woodstock, Ontario, 1985. Approximately 60 unnumbered loose leaf typewritten pages. Includes photocopies of many photos. Duo-Tang cover. 

The Curtis Family (Five Generations) by Beverly A. Magee, 1981
Descendants of Rev. George Curtis 1804-1882 and Ann (Harris) Curtis 1807-1875 and their descendants
. Approximately 100 loose leaf pages in a three ring binder. NHS archive number FAMILIES Curtis C 9. 

The Daechel Saga  
byAngela (Daschsel) Files of Brantford, Ontario. Printed by Beck's Printing Services, Brantford, Ontario, 1987. Hard cover book, 126 pages. NHS Archive reference number FAMILIES D 5. 

The Genealogy of the De Cou Family from Leuren des Cou 
compiled by S. Ella DeCou of Trenton, New Jersey and John Allen DeCou of Moorestown, New Jersey, apparently first published in 1926. An authorized facsimile of the original, produced by microfilm-xerogrpahy in Xerox University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1974. 219 page, hard cover book. 

Genealogy and History of the Daniel Dod Family in America 1646-1940  
by Allison Dodd and Rev. Joseph Fulford Folsom, Secretary of the New Jersey Historical Society. Published at Bloomfield, New Jersey, 1940. Hard cover book, 425-plus pages. Indexed. NHS Archive reference number FAM GEN DODD D 6. 

History of The Eby Family  
by Ezra Eby of Berlin, Ontario. Printed by Hett & Eby Printers, 1889. Reprinted by Aden Edy of Cambridge, Ontario and Roy Groff Bauman of Waterloo, Ontairo. 160-page, small-format booklet. NHS archive reference number FAM GEN EBY E 1 

The Name and Family Fairchild  
by Timothy March Fairchild of Iowa City, Iowa. Hard cover book, 228 pages plus photo pages. NHS archive reference number FAM GEN FAIRCHILD F 1. 

The Fewster Family History  
by Shirley (Holland) Eichenberg, 1981. (Previous surname spelling: Feaster.) 75-page typewritten manuscript, coil-ringed soft cover, includes photos, illustrations. NHS archive reference number FAM GEN FEWSTER F 4 

The Footsteps of the File Family  
by Angela Files and Darby Livingston. Printed by Mercantile Press, Brantford, Ontario, 1982. Hard cover book. NHS archive reference number FAM GEN FILE F 5 

The Fischers of Rhineland, Middleton Township: Charles Henry Fisher (1871-1954) married Oliva Wilson by Eileen Gibbs of Maryland and Mrs. Edith Emerick of Delhi, Ontario, circa 1984. Approximately 50-pages, manuscript, photocopy of handwritten original in a Duo Tang cover. NHS archive reference number FAM GEN FISCHER F 6 

George Lewis Fisher (1868-1953), Director of Music & Botantist Extraordinaire, of St. Thomas Ontario by William G. Stewart, 1983. 102-page typewritten manuscript. Soft cover. NHS archive reference number FAM GEN FISHER F 7. 

Ancestors of John Franklin, Walsingham, 1803-1828; some of his descendants by Benjamin W. Franklin of Bonita Springs, Florida, 1996. 18-page manuscript in plastic cover. Well-sourced. NHS Archive reference number GEN FRANKLIN F 13. 

Fuller. The Indicator of Jonathan Fuller  
by Dr. Alan J. Clark of New Smyrna Beach, Florida, 1995. A 21-page manuscript in a Duo Tang cover. Includes source references and the genealogy of Abraham Smith and Fairchild family. Fulsoms of Caistor Township, Lincoln County, Ontario, Canada, 1862 by Mrs. Doreen Fulsom Dorge and Mr. Donald L. Green. Published 1990. Includes supplement dated 1991. Approximately 200 pages of loose leaf dot matrix printout in a three ring binder. NHS Archive reference number FAM GEN FULSOM F 11. 

The Descendants of Henry Gable  
by unidentified author, 1992. Approximately 70 pages of computer printout. 

Henry Gates Family of Upper Canada 1791-1981 with Genealogy of Allied Families by Carole Gates Sorensen, 1981 of Las Vegas, Nevada. 286-page self-published book, typewritten photo offset printed, hard cover. 

The Gifford Family History. Perry Gifford's descendants of South Cayuga Township, Haldimand County by Keith Nathan Topp of Etobicoke, Ontario, 1990. Approximately 170 pages in Duo-Tang cover. 

Isaac Gilbert, U.E.L.  
by Harriet Walker of Waterford, Ontario. Privately published hard cover book. Printed in Simcoe, Ontario. Approximately 400 pages, 1981. 

Index to Gilbert Genealogy (Walker's Isaac Gilbert book)
by uncredited author, undated. 7-page typewritten manuscript. Indexes surnames only, no given names. NHS Archive reference number FAM GEN GILBERT G 2. 

The Gilbert Pioneers  
compiled by Miss Stella Scott, undated. 2-page typewritten manuscript, staped between 2 three-ring dividers. NHS Archive reference number FAM G 6. 

Myrteville: A Canadian Farm and Family, 1837-1967  
by Beth Good Latzer, 1976. Canadian Edition published 1980. ISBN 0-8093-0747-2. The Good Family Genealogy. Descendants of Allen Good of Brant County, Ontario. 312 pages. 

Robert Green Family  
by Wesley S. Green, 1975. (Donated by Richard E. Green of Newark, Delaware.) Approimately 30 typewritten pages. Soft cover. 

Grout and Raymond Families by Robert Moore of St. Thomas, Ontario, 1992. Approximately 25 typewritten page manuscript in Duo-Tang cover. 

You are a Stratford. Volume IV. Featuring The Grummett Family 147 loose leaf pages, cerlox bound. Includes photocopied photos and source documents. Produced about 1989. 

Ancestors and Descendants of John R. Gunton and Eliza Jarvis (Draft) 
by David Avery of Don Mills, Ontario, undated. (Author now resides at Simcoe, Ontario.) 212-page typewritten manuscript in Accopress cover. NHS Archive reference number FAM GEN GUNTON G 3.

Harris. The Eldon House Diaries: Five Women's Views of the 19th Century  
by Robin S. Harris and Terry G. Harris. Published by The Champlain Society. Toronto, Ontario: University of Toronto Press, 1994. ISBN 0-9693425. NHS archives reference FAMILIES HARRIS 14A 

William Hatch of Bayham Township, Ontario, Canada with notes on related families Bowes, Brown, Culp, High, Johnson, Merritt, Montross, Speice and Travis by Donald G. Lane of London, Ontario, 1972. 82 typewritten, offset printed pages. Self-covered, stapled together. 

Descendants of William Henry Darius Hathaway (1832-1899) 
by Anne Hathaway Gloin and Dolena Hathaway Hurst. Self-published computer genealogy report. 130 pages, Cerlox bound. Includes copies of photos and source documents. NHS Archives call number: FAM HATHAWAY WM D 20 A. 

Canadian Haviland Family Genealogy: Descendants of John Haviland, U.E., 1751-1839 by F. Eleanor Chapin, Brantford, Ontario: Hurley Printing, 1991. Hard cover, 395 pages. NHS archive number FAMILIES HAVILAND H 15 

The Henning Families. William Martin Frederick Henning, born Jarvis, Ontario (1873-1932), son of John Henning, married Emma Louise Fischer, moved to Hamilton, Ohio. No author credited. Undated, approximately 40 loose leaf typewritten pages. 

Sketches and History of the Huffman Family  
("A Reference Work containing upwards of 1,000 dates, sketches and data of the Huffman family and other allied groups.") by David A. Huffman. Toronto, Ontario: Northern Miner Press Limited, 1970. 159 pages, typeset, hard cover book. Includes a few photos and copies of source documents. NHS Archive reference number FAM GEN HUFFMAN H 3. 

The History of the Jackson Family in Ontario - The Earliest Years  
by Melva Jackson of St. George, Ontario (a descendant of Abigail Jackson Becker) 1986. Soft cover, 72 loose leaf pages, cerlox bound 

The Progency of John Bartholomew Jackson, 1857-1922  
by Wm. B. Jackson of Simcoe, Ontario, 1990. Approximately 50 pages of dot-matrix printed family group sheets, loose leaf, bound, soft cover 

The Johnson Generations  
by David E. Johnson, U.E. Printed in Canada, 1983. IBSN 0-9691457-0-5. Typeset, hard cover, 277 pages 

The Jull Family  
by Jan McKee of Simcoe, Ontario, 1988. Includes a one page 1995 update by the author. Approximately 65 loose leaf laser printed pages in a three-ring binder. 

Genealogy of the Norfolk Branch of the Kellam Family 
No author credited. 52 loose leaf carbon copy pages, bound. Assembled after 1960. Includes photocopies of original documents, maps, photos and drawings. 

Imprints on the Sands of Time (Supplement to the third edition) 
by Henry R. Kelly of Towson, Maryland, 1972. 99 typeset, offset printed pages, soft cover. 

The Ketcheson Family Story (copy 165 of the Second Edition) 
by The Ketcheson Family Association's Family History Committee, Cecil B. Ketcheson of Halloway, chairman, 1981. The Progency of William Ketcheson 1759-1848, first published in 1958. Soft cover, 219 loose leaf pages, bound. 

Kincaid and Some Related Families in Britain, Canada, United States  
by Robert Burnham Kincaid. Produced in Brainerd, Minnesota, 1983. Hard cover, 241 photocopied pages 

Marriage: the first 50 years  
(the 50th wedding anniversary of Ruth Vogel and Jerome Kolwalsky) by their sons and daughters. Printed by Second Avenue Printing, 1980. Family photo album with remembrances and family tree. Typeset, printed, soft cover. 

Lackor Family  
by Mary (McCall) Middleton. Printed by Shenandoch Publishing House Inc., Strasburg, Virginia, 1970. Hard cover book. (This genealogy was voted best of 1966 by U.S. National Genealogy Society, which published it as an example of a good genealogy.) 

Landon Family of Norfolk County  
(associated families Monroe, Hunter, Edington) compiled by Robert M. Landon of Simcoe, Ontario, 1974. 66 page typeset booklet, soft cover. Includes pictures, sources. 

Descendants of Patrick Long (1748-1809) and Elizabeth Stewart (1751-1810) of Woodhouse and Walpole Townships, by Peter B. Kett, Simcoe, Ontario, 1993  

Lundy Family & their Descendants with biographical sketch of Benjamin Lundy, by William Clinton Armstrong, New Brunswick, New Jersey, 1902 

Genealogy of Frank and Beulah Manning by Isobel (Manning) Farrington, 1981

Genealogy and History of the Norfolk McCall Family and Associate Descendants by D. T. McCall of Simcoe, Ontario, 1946. Privately published typewritten manuscript, 215 pages, hard cover 

McCall. Middleton Notes Volumes 1 through 4 
by Mary Gene (McCall) Middleton of South Orange, New Jersey, 1977. Four three-ring binders of unpulbished loose-leaf McCall family research. Builds and expands on on the foundation laid by D. T. McCall in Genealogy and History of the Norfolk McCall Family and Associate Descendants. Includes many sources including the authors correspondence with many descendants.

McCall and Related Families: Edwin R. McCall, his ancestors and descendants  
by Mary Gene (McCall) Middleton of South Orange, New Jersey, 1984. Privately published, 167 typeset pages, indexed, hard cover. Includes extensive source references.

Sources in McCall Genealogy 
by William R. Yeager. Published by the Norfolk Historical Society, 1977. Loose-leaft, 140-page mineograph, unbound, three-hole punched. Includes photographs, source notes, genealogy, quotes from historical documents. Copies available for sale for $22 from Norfolk Historical Society, 109 Norfolk Street South, Simcoe, Ontario.

McCall-Tidwell and Allied Families  
by Mrs. Howard H. (Ettie Tidwell) McCall. Atlanta, GA: Walter W Brown Publishing Co., 1931. Hard cover book, 663 pages. [Apparently not related to Norfolk County's McCall family.] NHS Archive call number: FAM M 13. 

The Family Record of the Ancestors and Descendants of John McCarthy Jr. (1850-1939) and Mary Jane Sutor (1866-1947) of Walpole Township, Haldimand County and Windhurst, Saskatchewan compiled by Grace Misener and Keith Topp of Etobicoke, Ontario, 1988. Unpublished photocopy of approximately 80 loose leaf typewritten and handwritten pages, including photos, maps and original documents in Duo-Tang cover. 

Descendants of Samuel McCurdy of Surry, New Hampshire to the Seventh Generation. A work in progress. by Ross W. McCurdy of Cumberland, Rhode Island, self-published, 1989. 76-page booklet. Computer genealogy program output. Indexed. 

by Jean McKim of Simcoe and Kathleen Blayney Barkley of Toronto. undated (apparently produced in the late 1980s) unpublished manuscript. Photocopy of typewritten original. Approximately 52 loose leaf pages in Duo-Tang cover. 

Family Tree of Andrew McKnight and Nancy McKnight  
by Etta Fingland, Bertha McKnight, et al., 1980 

Descendants of James McMichael (1772-1821) and Rosanna DeMott (1785-1856) by Henry Lyman Hooker, M.D., New York City, 1942 (typewritten, copy 24 of 60 copies) 

Mills and Gage Families 1776-1926  
by Stanley Mills, Hamilton, Ontario 1926 William Mills and Rebecca Pearce and descendants William, Henry, Isaac, Warren, John, Albert, George, Margaret, James and Mariah by Lenora Grace Forrest Winger, U.E. (subsequently Mrs. Warren Tupper of Tillsonburg, Ontario), 1992. Photocopy of 177 loose-leaf typewritten pages, cerlox bound. Includes photos and photocopies of original documents. 

Mills Family Supplement  
by Shirley E. Ewanick, 1992. Jane (Jenny) (AxFord) Mills, daughter of Richard Axford and Elizabeth Balsdon. Unpulbished photocopy of typewritten original. Pages numbered 313-368. Includes photos and photocopies of original documents 

Descendants of Samuel Minard and Rebecca Moore
unauthored, undated, computer printout. 17 loose leaf pages. 

Montross: A Family History. Pierre Montras and his Descendants  
by John Wilson Taylor and Eva Mills Lee Taylor, printed by McClure Printing Company of Staunton, Virginia, 1958. A record of 300 years of the Montras - Montross - Montrose - Montress family in the United States and Canada. 861 page hard cover book, typeset. 

More off Center: A Peek into the Past  
by Helen MacLennan Rambow. Self-published, 1984. Approximately 150 typeset unnumbered pages  

The Manitoba Journal 1885-1889 of William Moxham  
by Charles Deane Kent of Gloucester, Ontario, Published by Westboro Printers Ltd., Ottawa, Ontario, 1985. Edited, with explanatory notes. ISBN 09691880-1-3. Soft cover book, 103 pages 

Andrew Nelles, A New Canadian, 1798 
by R. Robert Mutrie. Published by Log Cabin Publishing, Ridgeway, Ontario, 1993. Hard cover book, indexed, about 300 pages, desktop published, 8.5 x 11 inch pages, printed offset, includes photos and maps, early history, many biographies. Copies available from Norfolk Historical Society Gift Shoppe.

Newell Family History
The Descendants of James Newell, Martha Sumeral (Somerville) of Armagh County, Ireland, 1805 - 1931 in Elgin County, Ontario. The Recollections of Senator Henry N. Newell of Iowa by Fred Lindsay. Typed 1931. Photocopy of 18 typed pages, unpublished, self-covered. 

A Nickerson Family Album - The Ancestry and Descendants of Wellington Freeman Nickerson compiled by Roger E. Nickerson of Toronto, Ontario, 1980. Approximately 200 loose leaf pages, typed photocopy. Includes several photos, bound, soft cover. 

Oatman Genealogy. Oatman Family History (from arrival in New York 1687 to Canada 1830s by W. E. Osborne of Mount Vernon, New York, and Ralph I. Oatman of Hartford, Conn., published 1930s. Tracks descendants of Johannes Oatman (1654-1716) and Femmetje Kock (1654-1732). 114 loose leaf photocopied pages, bound in folder. (Linda Milligan Oatman and Barbara Hawthorne updated this Oatman history in 1995. Contact for the current edition: Mrs. Oliver Oatman, Rural Route 2, Tillsonburg, Ontario N4G 4G7 

Ostrander: The Descendants of John and Christiana (Cohoe) Ostrander (a work in progress to the 7th generation) by Ross W. McCurdy of Cumberland, Rhode Island, 1993 (Booklet copy #12), 107 typeset pages, sover cover. 

A Genealogy of Thomas Peat and his Descendants  
by Jane Elizabeth (Peat) Cruise of Burlington, Ontario, 1993. Printed in Ayr, Ontario. Over 350 pages, hard cover, computer typeset, indexed. Includes family pictures. Large type, easy to read. 

The 19th Century Journals and Paintings of William Pope (1811-1902) 
by Harry B. Barrett. Toronto: M. F. Feheley Publishers Limited, 1976. ISBN 0-919880-00-2. Hard cover, large format, coffee table book, 175 pages. 

The Porter
(Thomas Porter born 1789 and Rachel Wilson born 1793 and their descendants)
by May Mason Wallace and J. Alex Wallace of Simcoe, Ontario, 1951. 268 typewritten pages, bound, soft cover by May Mason Wallace and J. Alex Wallace of Simcoe, Ontario, 1951. 268 typewritten pages, bound, soft cover by May Mason Wallace and J. Alex Wallace of Simcoe, Ontario, 1951. 268 typewritten pages, bound, soft cover by May Mason Wallace and J. Alex Wallace of Simcoe, Ontario, 1951. 268 typewritten pages, bound, soft cover 

The Romance of the Palatine Millers: A Story of the United Empire Loyalists (Second Edition of "The Camden Colony" Revised and Enlarged) 
by Rev. W. Bowman Tucker. Montreal, Quebec: self-published by the author, printed by Southam Press Limited, 1929. Includes
Embury, Switzer, Fisher, Miller, Groves, and Galer genealogies. Hard cover book, 369 pages. NHS Archives Call Number: FAM M 23 

Ryerse - Ryerson Family, 1574-1994
Phyllis A. Ryerse and Thomas A. Ryerson. Published by The Ryerse-Ryerson Family Association, 1994. Hard cover book, indexed, 427 pages, desktop published, 8.5 x 11 inch pages, printed offset, includes photos and maps, early history, many biographies. Copies available from Norfolk Historical Society Gift Shoppe, 109 Norfolk Street South, Simcoe, Ontario.

Egerton Ryerson: His Life and Times, Vol.II 
by C. B. Sissons. Toronto, Ontario: Clarke, Irwin and Company Limited, 1947. Hard cover, 678 pages. NHS archive reference FAMILIES R 8 

Ryerson of Upper Canada  
by Clara Thomas. Toronto, Ontario: The Ryerson Press, 1969. ISBN 700-0268-4. Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 70-84983. NHS archives reference number FAMILIES R 7. Hard cover, 151 pages. 

Schermerhorn Papers Schooley
Family Group Sheets for the Descendants of John Schooley and Phoebe Merry Case. Uncited author. Undated manuscript. Approximately 35 loose leaf pages in a Duo-Tang cover. 

Baldon. Lord Selkirk's Settlement in Upper Canada  
by A. E. D. McKenzie. Edited by Dr. George Kerr. Published by Phelps Publishing Company. Petrolia, Ontario: Skinner Printing, 1978. FAMILY SELKIRK S33. First printing: 2,000 copies. Soft cover, smaller format. 

The Slaght Townsend Swanson Genealogy: a family history of broad dimensions. Compiled by Lawrence T. Slaght. 247 pages, soft cover. 

The Ancestry of Richard Keith Slaymaker  
by Dr. Susan Clark Slaymaker (Mrs. R. K. Slaymaker) of Gold River, Californiaa, 1989. Archive Number: FAMILIES SLAYMAKER S 26. Approximately 30 unnumbered loose leaf pages in a Duo-Tang cover. 

The Smith Family of Glanford Township (Wentworth County, Ontario)  
-- the descendents of Jacob Smith and Elizabeth Lewis -- by Mrs. Frances Smith. 
Archive Number: FAMILIES S 28. Approximately 100 typed and typeset pages. Hard cover. 

Ancestors of Othniel Smith, Norfolk County, Ontario  
by Grant Smith and James Rogers, 1995. Archive Number: FAMILIES S 28 B. Approximately 70 loose leaf pages in a Duo-Tang cover. Unpublished, typewritten manuscript.  

Snively: Descendants of Rudolph and Elizabeth, 1789-1990 
by Patricia Butler-Snively of Port Dover, Ontario, 1991. Edited by LeRoy G. Snively. 
125 offset printed pages, in both hard and soft cover, index. Includes photographs and copies of source documents. 

Alexander Stewart, Pioneer Paster, 1813-1904  
by Elizabeth Hoisington Stewart. Privately published at Rochester, New York by David S. and Elizabeth H. Stewart, 1991. (Catalog Number: FAMILY STEWART S 34.) 93 loose leaf Cerlox bound pages. 

Some Descendants of John Stillwell, U.E.L. (to the 7ths generation) a work in progress by Ross W. McCurdy. 46 page indexed booklet, small format, self-covered. Archive Number: FAMILIES STILWELL S 25.  

Stire. The Children of Adam Steure I and Katherine Bier 1795- 1992  
by Christopher Walter Shire of Port Dover, Ontario, 1992. (Copy 6 of 52.) Catalog Number: FAMILY STIRE S 36. 131 loose leaf, indexed, pages, Cerlox bound. Includes photocopies or family photos and source documents. Descendants of John Tisdale (1614-1675) by Robert Lee Tisdale, privately published, 1981. Printed in United States of America. 237 page hard cover book covering 12 generations. 

Meet the Tisdale
by Rosa D. Tisdale. Library of Congress Catalog Number 81-81622. Published in Baltimore, Maryland, by Gateway Press Inc., 1981. Archive Number: FAMILIES T 3. Hard cover, indexed, 787 pages. 

My Waddle Roots (Second draft, 1982) 
by Harry L. Waddle. unpublished manuscript. 165 loose leaf typewritten pages in a three-ring binder. Includes approximately 40 illustrations. 

Robert Waddle Day Book  
by Robert Waddle III. Transcribed by Mary L. Jamieson, 1990. Approximately 400 typed loose leaf pages in a three-ring binder. 

A Source Book for the Wadsworth and Fearnley Families of Walpole Township, Haldimand County, Ontario. Compiled by Mary L. Jamieson of Newton Square, PA. Produced in 1986. Approximately 200 unnumbered loose leaf pages in a three ring binder. Primarily photocopies of handwritten family group sheets. Some pages typed. Includes photocopies of source documents such as census pages. 

The History and Hardships of a Poor German Boy, or The Life of Peter Wellet  
by Peter Wellet of Parry Sound, Ontario. Ireland & Bundy, Publishers and Printer, 1896. Photocopy of a typewritten transcription of a 31-page booklet written over 100 years ago. Loose leaf, Duo-Tang cover. 

The Whitsides - Canadians from 1809 - 1991  
by Robert L. Whitside of Simcoe, Ontario, 1991. Approximately 160 loose leaf pages of dot-matrix printout from a genealogy computer program. 

The Wideners in America  
by Howard W. Windener of Rochester, New York. Chili, New York: C.A. Nicholls, Jr., undated. A photocopy of an old book. The book is 291 pages, plus index. 

Williams: A Genealogy and History of the our family  
by Elda Ehrlingerof Hanover, Wisconsin, 1978. [Starts with Jonathan Williams (1752-1833) and Maria Titus (1765-1850).] Approximately 120 unnumbered photocopied pages, typewritten in script. Includes photos and maps. 

John Wilson (1795-1854), Fanny Bartholomew (1803-1885) and their children by Edith A. Wilson of Windham Centre, Ontario, 1982. Photocopy of 49 typewritten pages. Includes copies of Bible pages, will, map, etc. 

The Family of Titus Riley Williams and Tryphena Peach  
by Nora Reid of Port Colborne, Ontario. undated (includes at least one 1984 reference) approximately 70 unnumbered pages. Includes many photos and copies of original documents. 

The First Grand Master  
by Bruce M. Pearce. Simcoe, Ontario: Pearce Publishing Company Limited, 1932. A biography of William Mercer Wilson, first Grand Master of the the Grand Lodge of Canada, A.F. & A.M. 189 typeset small format pages. Hard cover. 

Some Wilsons and their Kin  
by Mervin and Margaret Wilson of Rosebud, Albert. Three Hills, Albert: EMF Press Ltd., 1987. Over 400 typeset pages. Softcover book. Includes photos, maps, copies of source documents. 

Winter by Irene E. Irving of Simcoe, Ontario, 1995. The descendants of Johann Jacob Winternheimer and Ann Margarethe Treshen and their son Philip who married Barbara Byer. Approximately 110 photocopied loose leaf typewritten pages (mostly numbered), in a three ring binder. NHS archive number FAMILIES Winter W 21. 

The Woodley Family  
by Charles E. Courtnage of St. Mary's, Ontario. Undated typewritten manuscript. 38 loose leaf pages plus index in Duo-Tang cover. 

The Woodward Family Album  
by R. Robert Mutrie. Toronto, Ontario: R. Robert Mutrie, 1984. (Mr. Mutrie is now based in Ridway, Ontario.) 337 indexed pages. Hard cover. Includes a few maps and photos. (Copy #1) 

A History of the Descendants of Joseph Lewis Woolley 1828-1898  
by Bessie J. McKenzie Diebel of Woodstock, Ontario, 1980. Includes copies of photos and original documentation. 84 typewritten pages. 

The Wrong Family in Family  
by Norman McKinnon Wrong of Toronto. Undated. (The author, a noted Canadian historian, died in the summer of 1948.) 105 pages, cerlox bound. 

The Wyckoff Family: A Genealogy 
by The Wyckoff Association in America, Summit, New Jersey. Rutland, Vermont: Tuttle Publishing Co. Inc., 1978. 650 typeset pages. Indexed. Hard cover. 

The Young (Jung) Families of the Mohawk Valley 1710 - 1946 (Part 1) 
compiled by Clifford M. Young of Albany, New York. Fort Plain, New York: First Plain Standard, 1947 

The Adam Young Family of the Mohawk Valley, New York and the Grand River, Ontario: The First Four Generations by David K. Faux of Hagersville, Ontario, 1987. 42 loose leaf pages of dot matrix printout. Indexed. Sourced. Soft cover.

N. H. S.