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Community groups such as the NHC succeed (or not) on the efforts of  volunteer members. While 75 Years of the Norfolk Historical Society did not attempt to provide a complete list of volunteers through the years, it does mention many who served at various times between 1900 and 1975, including...

Aitken, Jean
Aker, Flora
Anderson, Mrs. B. W.
Austin, Arron
Bannister,  John A.
Barrett, Harry B.
Becker, Abigail
Boultbee, Barbara
Booth, Roger
Bowden, Harry
Bramhill, G. G.
Brook, Eva
Brook, Hal B.
Brook, Mrs. H. J.
Brook, Harry J.
Brook, Mrs. John F.
Brook, Richard L.
Bushell, Carson
Cantleton, W. Edgar
Christee, J. D.
Collins, Mrs. M. A.
Cook, H. Frank
Courtlandt, H. N.
Culver, Archie E.
Dale, Mrs. G. B.
Dennis, Enid Johnson
Dey, W. J.
Donly, Augustus
Edgeworth, James
Eerenberg, George
Ferguson, Donna
Gamble, Vera
Gilbertson, Mrs. D. H. (Ellinor)
Gilbertson, Mrs. Paul A. (Mary)
Godfrey, Mrs. W. G.
Godfrey, William G.
Guiler, Mrs. Bruce
Hamilton, Mrs. Robert J.
Hicks, R.
Jackson, Ernest H.
Johnson, Henry Smith
Kindy, Karen
King, Grace
King, John C.
Kneale, Mrs. Jean
Landon, Monroe
Landon, Robert
Lemon, Wray
Lloy, Mrs. Nina
Mabee, Harriet
Macpherson, H. S.
Mainman, Mrs. E. R.
Mason, Mrs. Leonard (Betty Todd)
McArthur, Ken
McCall, Carrie
McCall, Delbert T.
McIntosh, W. A.
Miller, Mary Patricia
Murray, Mrs. A. A.
Nixon, William Z.
Packard, Mrs. Dorothy A.
Packard, Mrs. R. J.
Pearce, Bruce M.
Pleasance, Mrs. Janet
Reid, Frank
Robb, James
Rohrer, Eleanor
Shearer, Frank
Sloot, Sylvia
Smale, Ann
Smale, Mrs. W. M.
Smale, Warren M.
Smith, Ralph
Struthers, Mrs. J. D.
Stalker, W. D.
Sutton, Mrs. John
Wadsworth, J. J.
Walker, Mrs. Nat
Wallace, John
Ward, Bruce
Welhouser, Joan
Woodrow, Mrs. Jack
Woodside, Carl
Yeager, William
Zdrilyk, Debbie

Eva Brook Donly

Dr. John A. Bannister

Harry J. Brook