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Mika Publications of Belleville, Ontario -- long one of Ontario's leading historical publishers -- went out of business a few years ago.

Jay McKiee, then treasurer of the Norfolk Historical Society, purchased much of Mika's end-of-business inventory, and is offering the following publications for sale as long as supplies last. Any profits from these sales will be turned over to the NHC.  So here's a great chance to help the NHC and yourself at the same time.

Ordering information -- see below.

Many of these books focus on the Hastings County, Glengarry-Stormont County, Northumberland County, and Belleville-Kingston area of Eastern Ontario, not Norfolk County.

A History of the Byelorussians in Canada by John Sadouski
A fascinating glimpse into the history and culture of Byelorussia 
followed by a study of the history of Byelorussian emigration to Canada, 
their contribution to Canadian life and their ties with native land.
Hard cover, 148 pages. Our price $2.00

Belleville, Centenary Flashback by Nick and Helma Mika
1877 - 1978 Historical highlights of the century
Soft cover, 80 pages. Our price: $1.00

Belleville, Portrait of a City by Nick and Helma Mika
Celebrates the spirit and optimism rooted in the history of Hastings County 
starting with Mayer's Mill. Coffee table edition.
Hard cover, 444 pages. Our price $5.00

Belleville, Seat of Hastings County by Nick and Helma Mika
A historical sketch of Belleville settled by United Empire Loyalists.
Richly illustrated, describes many historic public buildings and Victorian residences.
Soft cover, 96 pages. Our price: $2.00

SOLD OUT Brief Review of the Settlement of Upper Canada by D. McLeod 
Covers period of almost 60 years of Ontario history. Of special interest is its 
first-hand description culminating in the Rebellion of 1837-1838.
Hard Cover, 292 pages. Our price $3.00

Dream Accomplished by Nick & Helma Mika
The founding of the Belleville General Hospital.
Soft cover, 76 pages. Our price $1.00

Frontenac at Cataraqui by R. A. O'Brien
Story of re-enactment of Frontenac's Landing complete with script and pictures.
Soft cover, 84 pages. Our price $1.00

Kennedys, MacDiarmids, McDermids-Munros and other Glengarry-Stormont Pioneers
by R. B. Campbell & Douglas McDermid
This book traces the roots of certain Kennedys, MacDiarmids, Munros & other Scottish families who settled in the counties of Glengarry & Stormont, and their descendants. 
It chronicles their contribution to the social & cultural life of their community.
Hard cover, 616 pages. Outstanding value at our price of $4.00

Kingston, Historic City by Nick & Helma Mika
Features nearly 100 full colour views & maps of early Kingston, over 100 black & white illustrations depicting historic scenes, portraits of Kingstonians & view of Limestone City's unique architectural heritage.
Lovely coffee table edition.
Hard cover, 192 pages. Our price $5.00

Kingston, Splendid Heritage by Nick & Helma Mika
This book celebrates the city's unique resource -- its architecture and the historical background of Kingston's development. A must for anyone with roots in Kingston.
Hard cover, 96 pages. Our price $5.00

SOLD OUT Lights Out by Katherine M. Wilson-Simmie
Canadian nursing sister's tale of the Canadian Army Corps, British Expeditionary Force 1914-1918 who was stationed in France during WWI.
Soft cover, 168 pages. Our price $3.00

Matters of Loyalty: The Buells of Brockville by Ian MacPherson
A story of one of the founding families of Brockville, their long struggle 
to create a community out of the wilderness. Tells of their deep loyalty 
to faimly, town, religion & reform principles. Circa 1830-1850.
Hard cover, 176 pages. Our price -- a steal at -- $2.00

SOLD OUT Medicine Maid -- The Life Story of a Canadian Pioneer by Elizabeth L. Hoople
A fascinating story of a Canadian Pioneer begins in Pennsylvania in late 1700s 
prior to settling in Canada
Soft cover, 182 pages. Our price $3.00

Niagara-on-the-Lake by Nick & Helma Mika with Nancy Butler & Joy Ormsby
Superb coloured pictorial record of the historic buildings of Niagara-on-the-Lake
Hard cover, 120 pages. Splendid coffee table edition. Our price $5.00

Petticoat Warfare by Ruth Tierney
An interesting chronicle of one woman's view intended to intrigue the reader with
the various roles played during her tenure of service during World War II
Soft cover, 82 pages. Our price $1.00

Robertson's Landmarks of Toronto by J. Ross Robertson
Originally published in 1896. Volume #2
Hard cover, 1128 pages. Our price $7.50

Slopes of the Andes by Royce MacGillivary
Four interesting essays depicting rural life in Ontario based on the 
author's perspective of his life and his family's life in the mid-1900s
Hard cover, 191 pages. Our price $2.00

Splendid Heritage by Nick & Helma Mika
Beautiful coloured pictorial record including brief history
of historically important buildings of Ontario
Hard cover, 142 pages. Superb coffee table edition. Our price $5.00

Strange But True Tales by James F. Robinson
Fascinating short stories of people & events in early Eastern Ontario
Soft cover, 120 pages. Our price $2.00

Truth by Rev. Walter Seligmann
One man's philosophical and thought provoking analysis of many historic 
events and human conditions from Napoleon to the Jonestown massacre. 
An interesting read.
Soft cover, 217 pages. Our price $1.00

SOLD OUT What's in a Name by Judie Carty
A collection of Belleville's street names & their origins. The introduction claims
"the answers to many mysteries are to be found in the pages of this book."
Soft cover, 59 pages. Our price $1.00

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