Norfolk's History           Tidbits & Trivia
Welcome to our small but constantly expanding collection of articles of local history. It will soon include the remembrances from as early as 1800, biographies and profiles of heros and stars, even a local legend or two. Many were culled from newspaper accounts of their day.

All sourced, of course.  This History section is not an organized collection of resources as much as it is random set of "stories of interest" that we've come across -- more or less listed chronologically.

The Marburg Mastodon
A Norfolk Timeline: What happened when?
Pioneer Witch Doctor John Troyer
The Settlement's first teacher William Pitt Gilbert
Norfolk's Egerton Ryerson was the Father of Education in Ontario
Pioneer Settler John Kitchen's biography
John Carrow's Norfolk History remembrances
The 14 Sep 2023 Long Point Advocate newspaper
Long Point Heroine Abigail Becker
Nelson Clark, 88, remember's Waterford's Past
Alberta Premier John E. Brownlee
Norfolk's Alligators
Most Significant Contribution to Art in 2400 years
Mr. Innes' Splendid Christmas Gift
William Edgar Cantelon painted Norfolk's history
Eva Brook Donly and husband, a biography
Hockey Legend Leonard "Red" Kelly
From Norfolk to the world stage: Rick Danko rocked the planet
Norfolk's 2001 NHL Hockey Club