The Norfolk Historical Society has the various year's census available to view. They are as follows:
1851 Census of Norfolk County and all other Counties of Ontario existing at that time
1861 Census of Norfolk and the majority of other Counties but may be missing some cities.
1871 Census of Norfolk and all other counties and most cities.
1881 Census of Norfolk plus a CD of some of the counties.
1891 Census of Norfolk
1901 Census of Norfolk and many other counties and cities
1911 Census is available on Automated Genealogy.

On the website we are presenting the INDEX of the 1851 census for researchers. The 1861 Index is being worked on at present. You may come to the research room at the Eva Brook Donly Museum to view the full census data in three ring binders or on microfilm. You may email [email protected] or write us to have the full data sent to you for a nominal fee. See Research Help for costs, etc.



folder icon 3 1851 Census

This is the INDEX of the 1851 census. The 3 ring binders containing the complete census for the various townships of Norfolk County are available in the Eva Brook Donly reading room. You may email/write and ask for the read-out of the index data by emailing [email protected]. See Research Assistance for cost of obtaining this help.

Please Note: This census also includes the Q's. Page 168 in I-P. I goofed! Next, also to figure out how to get rid of all the blank pages. Please use the SEARCH function.

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