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Librarian's Report by Jeanne Hornby

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Each year we plan to give one section in the Reading Room a face-lift, and without the help of our volunteer staff this would not be possible. We ran out of time this year as we were all very busy in the research department, so were not able to complete the intended goal.

We processed 143 queries. They were thoroughly researched by Cathy Thompson and returned with a descriptive letter to the patron.

There have been 52 new books and 18 family genealogies received for the Stacks Room. All have been numbered, labeled and filed in the counties to which they belong.

We received a microfilm of Cemeteries and three microfilms of Vital Stats B-M-D, and replaced three microfilms of the Waterford Star.

One of the best received of many new publications we have added this year is a set of six huge indexes to the early Surrogate Court Records of the old London District and Elgin County (1800-1900).

[The] Inter-Library Loans [program] started in January 2000 has been a great success with 115 microfilms ordered in. No problems were encountered and some income was generated.

Volunteer research staff assisted approximately 200 patrons who visited our Library to do research.

The Logbook shows 390 registered patrons. The use of this book began at the beginning of 2000 for security reasons, for the signing in and out of items used from the Stacks, for microfilms and microfiche. Each patron has one form which they use continually throughout the year.

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