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Online Preface by transcriber John Cardiff

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This is a complete online transcription of the

2000 annual report
of the 

Norfolk Historical Society

presented at Annual General Meeting
February 4, 2023

Navigate through the report sequentially using the Next and Previous arrows at the top of each page, or choose specific sections from the transcription's table of contents below.

Most of the photos ilustrating these pages appear in the source document. Most thumbnail photos lead to enlargements: just click on the thumbnail or its caption. (Clicking on the enlargement will return you to the thumbnail's page.)

Table of Contents
President's Report
In Memoriam
List of 2000 Board of Directors and Committees
List of 2001 Proposed Board of Directors and Committees
Curator's Report
Treasurer's Report
Librarian's Report
Committee Reports
Staff Team
Special Thanks to our Community Partners
Thanks to our Partners in Year 2000 Projects

This transcription is not a verbatim copy of the source document. Small punctuation changes, word insertion or deletion modifications and formatting changes were made to accommodate online presentation. Text in [square brackets] is a slight variance from the source document.