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Archives Committee Report by Winnie Walker

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The year 2000 has flown by, and much use has been made of the Archives collections. Many visitors have come in search of distant ancestors who settled in Norfolk County. These descendants are now spread far and wide.

In the Reading Room, tattered binders have been replaced and new labelling and protective page covers used to preserve the contents which are in constant use. This work continues and greatly improves the appearance of this area. The system set up for the safe-keeping of microfilms, books, and papers used by researchers is working well, thanks to knowledgeable and dedicated volunteers and librarian.

The library is well-used, and constant re-arranging is necessary to make room for additions. The large framed photo collection has been re-organized and re-catalogued for better access.

Projects continue. The transcriptions from newspapers and scrapbooks are awaiting completion of computer entry and printing. These indexes, plus the photocopied scrapbooks, will be a valuable addition to the Reading Room. As well, computer entry of some Charlotteville Vital Statistics is incomplete. When complete, these can be published as a sale item.

Records continue to be added -- now the need of another "Norfolk County (News)" folder in our Local History File. Hopefully in 2001 our goals will be readed and we'll continue the preservation of our heritage. This would not be possible without our faithful Archives volunteers.