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Special Events Committee Report by Karen Culver

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The Special Events Committee, together with the Curator, planned several functions for the Museum in 2000. Our mandate has been to provide interesting and informative activities for our membership and to promote and raise the profile of the Museum in the community at large.

January -- Caring for your Antiques and Archives Workshop. Bill Yeager and Bob Stevenson discussed how to organize and protect you family treasures and yard sale finds.

February -- Our Annual General Meeting was held in conjunction with Volunteer Appreciation Night. The evening, catered by and coordinated by Lynne Hagen, was a great success in that we had a large attendance for the meeting, wonderful food and fellowship. Entertainment was provided by Joy Field, pianist, and the student pipers band from Port Dover Composite School.

March -- Wooden Boats and Iron Men. An afternoon with local musician Bruce Milner, in concert. This was a prelude to Bruce's project: developing a stage presentation of "Lake Erie in Song and Dance."

April -- Two bus trips took many of our members and guests to Toronto. The Genealogy Group sponsored a research-plus-backstage visit to the Archives of Ontario. Special Events coordinated a bus trip to the Royal Ontario Museum to view the exhibit "The Art of Ancient Egypt." These bus trips were enjoyed by our own regular members, as well as being open to the community. We were encouraged and pleased with the response.

May -- featured the annual Spring Luncheon with Leigh Wetmore speaking on Simcoe native Gertrude Ford and her gourmet teas. Lynne Hagen and her committee planned and executed the myriad details of decor and display, while Liz Campbell catered.

May -- A Century of Weddings. A wonderful nostalgia trip, held at St. James United Church, with donated organist, refreshments and door prizes. We appreciate the organization and enthusiasm of volunteer Johanna Hoskin who made all things possible.

June -- Our premier event, the annual Heritage Garden Tour, took place in the gardens of old Vittoria and Normandale. This annual tour under the direction of Bill Yeager and Museum volunteers, has become a tradition in the community and our greatest single fund raising event. Thank you to all who volunteered their spectacular lawns and gardens, and to all who helped the day go smoothly.

Summer -- our small June yard sale was followed by summer activities for children, under the direction of the student Education Programmer and Student Curators.

September -- Advice from the Pros -- a workshop dedicated to the care of furniture and textiles with our own experts, Frank McGoveran and Elizabeth Dukelow.

Also in September, the 24th Norfolklore Genealogy Fair was held at Simcoe Composite School. This was another successful year for patrons, exhibitors and the Genealogy Group.

December -- "An Evening with Cantelon." A new departure for the Christmas season saw local drama and musical performers re-create the era of a Victorian Christmas in song and skit. All the rooms of the old house came to life with activity. The community was encouraged to loan original Cantelon paintings to form a gallery in the meeting room, while local florists decorated our main rooms in Victorian themes. Our curator became Edgar Cantelon for the evening, answering queries and depicting aspects of the life of the artist. We were gratified to see so many new faces at this Christmas celebration.

My thanks particularly to the members of my committee -- Lynne Hagen, Shelia Hastie, Bob Ryerse, Elizabeth Dukelow, and Curator Bill Yeager.

Some events to watch for in 2001 --

-- Thin Ice  a National Film Board biography of Simcoe native Bruce McCall. Held at Premiere Theatre, Simcoe, co-sponsored by Eva Brook Donly Museum and Lynnwood Arts Centre.

Annual General Meeting, February 4, followed by the Millennium/Centennial Projects Official Opening Reception.

Spring Lecture Series (April/May) Norfolklore classes to be conducted by local historians George Pond and Harry Barrett and others.

June Garden Tour -- Port Dover and area

August -- Friendship Festival weekend -- Collectors' Loan Displays

September -- Norfolklore 25

October -- Antique Identification Day

December -- Christmas Theatrical Presentation


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