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Genealogy Group Report by Judith Buchanan

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Regular monthly meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m., starting with an hour of research. Attendance has been averaging between 15 and 35 people. This is minimal considering our local membership size. We must explore ways to encourage greater participation and increase interest of younger genealogists.

Wanda Nelson has taken over at publicity coordinator from Jim Nicholls and is covering all the bases she can find. Bill Price accepted the reins of program convener from Cathy Thompson, who still answers hundreds of queries by post and email.

Research, whether by mail or in person, is a major source of revenue for the NHS. As some of the "old hands" retire, efforts must be made to recruit new research volunteers.

New security measures have been implemented to better care for our extensive collection. Four computers were put into use for the Archives group to document six years of newspaper extractions.

After being discontinued for some months, the GenCig (Genealogy Computer Interest Group) meetings have moved to Saturdays between 1 and 4 p.m. 

January's Show & Tell meeting held its usual fascination with members' own stories.

We acquired a few new members in February with a successful research night. Thanks to all the Archives volunteers for their very able assistance.

In March, the film Cartographic Records in Genealogy Research from the Ontario Archives was shown. This was a good preparation for the people who went on the bus trip to visit the Archives of Ontario in Toronto in April. Thanks to Cathy Judd for a well-organized research trip.

In May, Rev. John Cruickshank spoke on the Presbyterian Church's response to the Loyalist migration. June saw a small convoy of members travel to Ruthven.

In September, 35 members drove to the new Port Dover Harbour Museum. It is hoped that more such outings will generate greater attendance by the existing local membership and many new members.

Norfolklore was attended by 309 visitors and 39 exhibitors. We are pleased this popular event grows larger each year.

Saving register tapes from all the grocery stores generated over $450 for the year.

Thanks to all volunteers for their continued participation.

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