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George Jackson Sr. family

Names in bold type appear in the St. Paul's Presbyterian Church, Simcoe source document. Linked names explain family relationships. Faded names simply complete the family sketch. Notes at the end link to other references to that individual, elsewhere on this web site.

George Jackson Sr. (1832-1919) married Ann Menzies
     Their children:
          Eleanor Jackson
          Mary Ann Jackson married John Weatherly
          Sarah Jackson married Edward Pennington
          William Jackson

          John Jackson married Elizabeth Hair
                Their children:
                     Helen Jackson
                     George Hair Jackson married Margaret Hunter
                     Peter Jackson
                     William J. Jackson

                      J. B. Jackson married Eliza Jackson then Mary Bruce
                     Thomas Jackson
                     H. P. Jackson married Nina Battersby then K. Richmond

          Ann Jackson marrried Thomas Pennington
               Their children:
                    Esther Pennington married William Mather

                    Mary Pennington married Martin Livingstone II
                    Thomas Pennington
                    George Pennington
                    William Pennington married Iva Anderson then Jennie ____

          Margaret Jackson married Bartholomew Hair
          George Jackson Jr. married Margaret Chadwick
                Their children:
                     Margaret Jackson married William Livingstone
                     G. Bruce Jackson married Elizabeth Walsh
                     Ann Jackson married Robert Livingstone
                     Charles Jackson married Margaret Ferguson
                     Leslie Jackson married Mary ____
                     Ernest Jackson married Jean Chadwick
          James Jackson
          Thomas Jackson

George Jackson Sr. (1832-1919) married secondly Elizabeth ____
      Their children:
           Eleanor Jackson married John McKiee
           Jane Jackson married John McCool
           Edmond Jackson married Ann Hayes, then Allicia Stevenson
           Christopher Jackson

           Robt. Wm. "Paulin" Jackson married Margaret Livingstone


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