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The first school house in the County of Norfolk or as it was then called Long Point Settlement was built on the south side of Young's Creek on Lot No. 15, in the 4th concession, in the Township of Charlotteville, by the side of the new road which led from the place of Thomas Welch in the forks of Young's Creek to the mouth of said creek, and near the place where the old Indian trail or road from the Grand River to Long Point Bay crosses the said creek; that being where Mr. Abraham commenced a settlement, but after he fixed his domicile further up the creek, the ford or crossing place of this Grand River Tail, which became the main road for the time, was higher up than it had usually been.

So that the place where the first school house was erected, was in the vicinity of what might perhaps be termed the cross roads (such as they were) at that time and as nearly central as circumstances permitted for those who were interested in the school.

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