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Possessed of a good English education with an easy and engaging manner of communicating instruction to his pupils, the valuable services of William Pitt Gilbert as teacher were highly appreciated.

It was, however, in the admirable government of his school that he greatly excelled, and wherein the goodiness of his heart was manifested in a particular manner. He achieved that when few if any of his successors have been enabled to realize, inasmuch as his school, which consisted of nearly thirty scholars, was so admirably regulated from the first as to remain entirely free from any irregularities.

No cases of insubordination of any kind occurred in that school. All the pupils observed towards their superior and equal a proper deportment of behavior and a demeanor of conduct freed from giving offence during the whole of the three terms that this excellent man presided as their teacher.

So entirely did he take and retain possession of the affection of his pupils that he never found it necessary to chastise, correct,  reprimand, admonish or reprove  many of his scholars.

The fear of offending him whom they so devoutly and sincerely loved and respected as their teacher, and who by his looks and words was ever approving of their exertions to learn, was sufficient to preserve, at all times order and harmony in the school.

The first school in the county then was opened by William Pitt Gilbert in the year 1797 in a small out-house call the shop belonging to Abraham Smith, in the Township of Charlotteville, until a school house could be erected, and the scholars which attended the the first school were
Samuel Smith
William Smith
Jesse Smith
Rachel Smith
Abraham Smith
Solomon Smith
Hannah Smith
Ephriam C. Mitchell
Martin Mitchell
Francis L. Welch
Aquilla M. Welch
Daniel Culver (the companion in misfortune of the teacher)
Squires Millard
Peter Millard
Dan Millard, jr.
Elizabeth Price
Joseph Price
Aaron Price
Walter Anderson, jr.
James Anderson
Mary M. McCall
Abigail Gustin
Thomas Shippey
Sally Gould
and others.

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