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Norfolklore Newsletters


The Norfolk Historical Society produces a quarterly newsletter titled Norfolklore which always contains interesting stories on Norfolk history, as well as information on past and future events and happenings at the Eva Brook Donly Museum and Archives. As a new feature we are providing on-line PDF copies of recent newsletters (links below) for the enjoyment and learning of members and non-members alike across Ontario, Canada, North America and even the World.

Might we suggest that you make yourself a cup of tea or coffee, get comfortable, and enjoy the many stories and nuggets of information contained in our old newsletters. We sincerely believe you will enjoy exploring them.

Please - As a non-profit organization we depend on the generosity of others to help us survive. If you enjoy reading these newsletters, please consider making a Donation or becoming a Member to support the physical operation of the Museum and Archives as well as to support our ongoing ability to produce these interesting historical stories.

Thank you for visiting the on-line Eva Brook Donly Museum and Archives .... maybe you could come and see us face-to-face sometime .... we would love to meet you!