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Norfolk Stories

There are hundreds, even thousands, of tales to be told about the famous residents and explorers of Upper Canada.

Such is the case here in Norfolk County, where we certainly have our share of interesting people that should be remembered ... and historic tales that should be told.

Please join us in our celebration of these people and events by checking out some of the stories we have collected for your enjoyment, here in our "Stories" section. We intend to keep adding to these selections so, once you have found this site, and page, be sure to come again.

The characters presented in this series never imagined they would be a subject of the collective memory of Norfolk County; however, here they are ..... Enjoy their stories.

Eva Brook Donly
A brief bio of Eva who donated both her home and her name to our Museum.

W. Edgar Cantelon
A brief bio on our famous, and prolific, local painter.

Cantelon on Cantelon
Where W. Edgar Cantelon provides his own story on how and why he painted a famous series of 300 paintings of Norfolk landmarks and famous people.

Abigail Becker - The Heroine of Long Point
Her story of heroism as recounted by her daughter in 1899

Abigail Becker - The Poem
A poem on Abigail's heroism written in the 1800's.

The Simcoe Alligators
A brief history of the famous Alligator Tug that was designed and built in Simcoe and travelled the continent for years in the early 20th century.

Dr Troyer - The Witch Doctor - Legend #1
Dr Troyer was one of the first white people to come to Norfolk County and build a cabin near Port Rowan. Not only did he help people get better; but he was also known all over Ontario because he could feel ghosts, devils and witches and knew how to get rid of them. Many early settlers asked him to visit to help them get rid of evil spirits. That is why Doctor Troyer was nick-named "The Witch Doctor". This is an old story of one of the doctor's adventures.

Dr Troyer - The Witch Doctor - Legend #2
The doctor attends at a client's home to battle witches.