The Gift Shop

A Variety of Gift Options Created by Local Artisans and Authors


Stargare General - maps
Catherine Prong - Watercolours
Cathy Gibson - Garden Art
Lanny Horne - Paintings and Prints
Calvin Reid - Wood Art
Ina Wessling - Beach Glass art and Jewellery
Marjorie Harris - Jewellery
Catherine Whittaker - Fabric Necklaces
Norfolk Needleguild - Carod, bookweights, decorations
Bonnie Heath Lavender - Heat Wraps, Sachets, bath bombs
Vic Gibbons - Prints
Norfolk Historical Society - Gift Cards



Ann Ackroyd
Harry Barrett
David Beasley
Patrica Butler-Snively
Sandra Campbell
Twila & Cruickshank
Joseph C. Rider
Lynn Palermo
Cheryl MacDonaldy
Joan Maloney
Ellen McIntosh-Green
Zig Miziak
Robert Mutrie
Port Ryerse Historical Association
Robert Riley
Thomas Ryerse
Jean Sheppard
Grant Smith
Judy Trickett
Waterford United Church
Dr. EdWhitcomb
William Yeager
Yeager & Bauslaugh
York Grand River HS

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