It takes a village

The Norfolk Historical Society is a non-profit organization that through the graces of its volunteers manages the history of Norfolk County and creates programs to bring that history to its residents and visitors.

For over 115 years, the members of the Norfolk Historical Society (NHS as we are commonly referred to) have been the curators of Norfolk County's history through the donation of their time, skills, and energy in the pursuit of maintaining the history of this area.

If you believe in the preservation of history and its importance in a community,  if you believe that our history should be seen and on display for all to enjoy then I encourage you to join the Norfolk Historical Society. New members can help bring renewed energy and ideas to our organization.

While we are an organization that believes in the preservation of history we also believe that we must stay current with the times and bring that history to the community in engaging and relevant ways.

If you wish to help us, then please consider volunteering. You can choose an area that best suits your skills.


Looking for Members in the Following Areas

Committee & Event Work - We have a variety of events that require chairs to help steer the committees as well as members to help get things done. 

Front Desk Volunteers - sometimes our administrator needs a vacation, we then staff the front desk with volunteers. Add your name to the list if you would like to be considered.

Tour Volunteers- We offer  museum group tours as well as walking tours of downtown Simcoe to the public. We are in need of a volunteer to elevate our walking tour program as well as volunteers to be trained and ready when guests call.

School Program Volunteers - Throughout the year we have school tours and educational programs, we often need volunteers to help with theses programs. Let us know if you are interested.

Marketing Committee- The marketing committee encompasses a variety of areas including maintaining a website, managing social media posts and creating marketing plans for a variety of events. If you have any of these skills, our current Marketing Director is looking to create a team to manage these tasks.

Fundraising Committee - We are in need of a few good people who can lead and execute our fundraising committee. If you are comfortable in delivering our story to community businesses and organizations consider joining our team. 

Techie Volunteers- The museum houses a variety of computers that require maintenance from time to time. If you have the technical skills to look after our computers we would love to hear from you.

Digitization - An important strategy in staying current with the times is to digitize our collection and place it online for the benefit of members worldwide, as well to preserve documents that are in a frail state. We require individuals that have some computer skills, however, this position will come with full training in order that our digitization records meet our curator's standards.

If you are unable to give your time and skills then your financial support is another opportunity to show your endorsement of The Norfolk Historical Society and the important roles it plays in Norfolk County's history. 

If you are currently a member and would like to help in anyone of these areas email [email protected] to indicate your interest.

If you are currently not a member please fill out the volunteer form below and we will be in contact with you shortly.

Volunteer Form

Volunteer Form

If you are interested in volunteering for the Norfolk Historical Society, please fill out the form below and we will have a member contact you about volunteer opportunities.

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