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If you are looking for one or more specific records which you have pre-located by searching the our many website indexes, such as births, marriages, deaths, census or even Norfolk County Cemetery information, then a Document Request is your best choice. 

For a modest fee of $7 per page, volunteers will find the resource you direct them to, make a photocopy of the specific article(s) you request, and mail or email it to you.

Please be as specific as possible. The small fee of $7.00 per page includes mailing; however, it does not allow us to spend too much time searching.

Complete your payment for a Document Request and then proceed to email us a [email protected] with the specific details of the document you would like us to scan and mail. Researchers are unable to fulfill requests until payment has been received. If you are unaware of the number of pages you wish to purchase for your document request then email us in advance at [email protected]

Questions? Please email us at [email protected]

Document Request

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