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Letters of Thanks

Hi Robin - Just wanted to thank you and Lorna for the assistance we received last Thursday when we were searching for information on the W. Family. We were able to find the headstones of a number of my ancestors at the Old Windham Pioneer Cemetery and the Oakwood Cemetery. We continue our search.
Thank you again - Lorna was great! (Jeff J.)

Hello - I wanted to thank the wonderful members that assisted my sister and I last Saturday.
Earlier in the day we had visited Salem United Cemetery on Hwy 3 and found our g-g-grandmother Bridgette B's grave, which in itself was a huge and emotional find. Then we went to the library and didn't have much luck.
We then made our way to the Eva Brook Donly Museum, not realizing that you had an amazing research facility within your walls.
When we walked into your research room, a wonderful lady greeted us and immediately started to assist us in our search ... another lady came in and she too offered assistance. Her name was Robin.
Next a couple more people joined in. My sister and I were completely amazed at the insight, knowledge and endless wealth of information that was forthcoming. Never mind that Robin offered to go to Waterdown to search out more land registry records for us. That thoughtful offer brought tears to my sister's eyes.
Your wonderful volunteers shed light on some of the missing pieces of our families ancestral puzzle.
Please extend our sincere gratitude to all who assisted my sister and I. I can't tell you how much we appreciated it. (Nancy L. - Barrie)

Hello Keitha - My friend and I decided to visit the Delhi Cemetery today. We found Annie S.'s gravesite. Also visited the Murphy Funeral Home. After explaining that we were looking for the date of death for Annie, the kind gentleman produced an old ledger from the Porter Funeral Home who did business in Delhi in 1951. There in the ledger was the information for Annie.
Armed with the date of death, we decided to visit your museum as we were so close. A kind volunteer was able to provide us with a copy of Annie's obituary. As to finding an obituary for Pearl R, that was no longer necessary as my friend found it while we were waiting for Annie's obituary. We were both so impressed with your facility and we plan to return in the summer.
Thank you for your readiness to help. I will be sending a donation to the Museum. (Lydia B.)