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Plan C is for those seeking a photocopy of a specific record. For a modest fee, typically $5, volunteers will get out the resource you direct them to, make a photocopy of the specific article you request, and snail mail it to you.

Plan C was originally developed in response to web site visitors' requests for photocopies of the Births-Marriages-Deaths column from a specific back issue of a local newspaper. It has since been expanded to include obituaries, and other references. The trick here is you have to know exactly what to request.

Please do not email your Plan C request. Unfortunately, earlier requesters did not follow through by snail mailing their promised checks, so researchers no longer fulfill requests until payment has been received.

Specific instructions on how to order photocopies from our various online transcriptions are included in the preface of each trancription, and typically request a specific code such as [SR19240324].

Question? Email [email protected] and we will try to assist. Send your check for $5 (payable to "Norfolk Historical Society"), and the precise article you want photocopied to:
      Genealogy Research
      Norfolk Historical Society 
      109 Norfolk Street South 
      Simcoe, Ontario N3Y 2W3

Plan C

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