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Plan B: Norfolk County Research Assistance

Under this Plan, we do your digging for you!

Plan B assumes you know the name of an ancestor who once lived in Norfolk County and approximately when s/he lived here. (If you have more information, so much the better as it will make our efforts even more productive.)  Just tell us who and approximately when.

For a prepayment of $29.95 (which covers up to two hours of research time, up to 10 pages of photocopying and return mailing costs), specially trained volunteer members of the Norfolk Historical Society  will search the following records in the Society's Archives seeking the information you request in:

  • Indexed Census records from 1851-1901
  • over 1000 microfilms (when relevant)
  • over 300 large copy books of Land Records 1795-1955
  • Newspaper records for Births, Marriages & Deaths 1840-1967
    for Simcoe and the surrounding area
  • Index to the Vital Stastics (B.M.D.) for all Ontario
    from 1869 to currently available
  • 8000 indexed Marriages from 1795 to 1870
  • 120 boxes of indexed document collections, 1790 to early 1900's
  • over 1200 families that are being researched
  • 375 published and printed genealogies
  • 250 volumes of Norfolk County Genealogy & History indexes
  • Map indices
  • Indexed Upper Canada Land Petitions 1790 to 1835
  • Several other sources
As a bonus, we will add your request to the appropriate Family File on our shelves. That way if a relative comes digging for the same information some time in the future, we will include your contact information in what we send them. (Why should the search for other branches of your family tree be one-way? This way cousins may seek you out rather than the other way around.)

Questions? Email [email protected] and we will try to assist. Send your cheque for $29.95 (payable to "Norfolk Historical Society"), ancestor's name and approximate date(s) in Norfolk,  to:
      Genealogy Research
      Norfolk Historical Society 
      109 Norfolk Street South 
      Simcoe, Ontario N3Y 2W3

Plan B

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