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River of Lights

Take an interesting and heart-warming tour through 40 years of Simcoe's Christmas Panorama (1959-1998) - a Christmas tradition. Filled with local stories and memories of many residents and visitors to this amazing annual show which has been visited by thousands of adults and children over the years. Of special note, the Simcoe Christmas Panorama still exists to this day. (144 pages - 17.5 x 21.5 cm)

Author: Cheryl Bauslaugh and William Yeager

Price $12.00

Rivington's New York Newspaper

Rivington's New York newspaper played an important role in the years immediately proceeding the American Revolution and during the conflict. These are excerpts from a Loyalist Press, 1773-1783. (470 pages - 24 x 16 cm)

Compiled by: Kenneth Scott

Condition: Very Good

Price $35.00

Role of Memory in the Poetry of Alfred Lloyd Tennyson

The poems discussed in this book comprise selections from his earliest volumes and Poems (1842), In Memoriam, Maud, and Idylls of the King. (337 pages - 23 x 15.5 cm )

Author: Violet Beasley

Price $16.95

Run at the Moon

Whimsical, sometimes disturbing- occasionally both at once- these poems revel in language, image, and myth. This unique collection finds the odd in the ordinary and the luminous in the lost. (95 pages- 23 x 15cm)

Author: Jean Sheppard

Price $12.00

Sailor's Warning - The Ghost Fleet of Long Point (DVD)

DVD - Beachcomber Dave Stone tells some of the stories behind the death tolls that continure to mount. Join him for a haunting journey aboard the Ghost Fleet of Long Point.

Price $17.00

Sampler - A Book About Brantford

The Sampler is a book about the buildings, people and industries of Brantford, Ontario, Canada. (196 pages - 21.5 x 14 cm)

Producer: A Local Initiatives and Wintario Project

Price $5.00

Sarah's Journey

A black slave woman named Sarah Lewis flees the U.S. and comes to Canada via the Underground Railroad, settling in Simcoe, Ontario. (460 pages - 22.5 x 15 cm)

Author: David Beasley (Historical Fiction)

Price $25.00

Searching in French-Canadian Records

The "How-to" when searching French-Canadian records. (15 pages- 28 x 21.5 cm )

Author: Anita and John Coderre OGS

Price $15.00

Second Report - Bureau of Archives - Prov Ont 1904

Sold as a 2-volume set, these are records of the claims for losses of over twelve hundred persons who fled to Canada during and after the Revolutionary War. The notes contain a goldmine of biographical, historical,and genealogical data. Completed in 1904 and published in 1905. (1436 pages combined - each 25 x 17 cm)

Author: Fraser, Alexander (Provincial Archivist)

Conditon: Acceptable - Vol.1 has two pages loose and pages 703-704 missing, books have been rebound.

Price $125.00

Settlement of U.E.L. on the Upper St Lawrence

The settlement of the United Empire Loyalists on the Upper St. Lawrence and Bay of Quinte in 1784. A documentary record. (188 pages - 26 X 18 cm )

Transcribed/Edited: Brig.General E. A. Cruickshank, LL.D., F.R.S.C.

Published by: Ontario Historical Society in 1934 and reprinted in 1966.

Condition: Good

Price $30.00

Shetland Pony

The story of a boy and a girl in a small lakeside village who are determined, against all odds, to save the life of a beloved pony. (73 pages - 22.3 x 15 cm)

Author: John Goddard Maloney (Fiction)

Price $11.00

Short History of Ontario

The 5th book in a series of histories of the Provinces of Canada. (80 pages - 22.75 x 15 cm)

Author: Dr. Ed Whitcomb

Price $7.95

Signor Farini and Other Adventures (CD)

A lovely C.D. done by Ian Bell and the Dawnbreakers.

Price $18.00

Simcoe - Census Index 1901

Index to the 1901 Census of Simcoe, ON. (30 pages - 28 x 21.5 cm)

Price $10.00

Simcoe - County Town of Norfolk - A History 1790-1978

Tells the town's history from its beginnings as "Culver's Swamp," to its development as the leading centre in Haldimand-Norfolk Region. (213 pages - 21 x 30 cm )

Author: David Judd

Price $25.00

Simcoe Post Office 1879-1979

The installation of a Post Office put the village of Simcoe on the map with Duncan Campbell as the first Postmaster. This booklet tries to gather together some of the more interesting information on the early post office and its evolution over time. (30 pages - 28 x 21.5 cm)

Author: Norfolk Historical Society

Price $10.00

Slopes of the Andes

Four essays on the rural myth in Ontario. (191 pages - 23.5 x 16 cm)

Author: Royce MacGillivray

Price $15.00

Snively 1779-1990 (Softcover)

A genealogy of the Snively Family of Norfolk and Haldimand Counties with photos, copies of records and certificates. (125 pages - 28.5 x 22 cm)

Author: Patricia Butler Snively


Price $25.00

Songs and Poems for Children

77 enchanting songs and poems for children. Words and music by author. (115 pages - 27 x 22 cm)

Author: Joan Goddard Maloney

Price $20.00

Splendid Heritage - Historical Buildings of Ontario

This book is a celebration of Ontario's heritage. Pictures provide a panoramic view of the province's architecture from the late 18th century to the Victorian era. Text combines architectural description with the story of some of the people who built and used these buildings. It is intended for all people who love old buildings and may help to inspire interest among those who may never have stopped to look at an old building. (143 pages - 26 x 25 cm)

Publisher: Mika Publishing (Out of Print - Limited Quantity)

Price $15.00