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Maps and Atlases

We have a wonderful collection of maps and atlases, as listed in the .pdf files below. The contents are surprising and can be viewed at the Eva Brook Donly Museum and Archives in Simcoe.

The Maps are now listed by subject to make it easier for you to find the map for which you are searching.


Created Date Friday, 22 March 2023
Modified Date Friday, 22 March 2023
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The main counties of Ontario and a few others are available for all to see in our Archives Reading Room. The others are available with assistance from volunteers.

We have Brant County atlases for sale in the Gift Shop

Created Date Friday, 22 March 2023
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MAP Index

The index of the Maps have now been listed by subject making it much easier to find. These maps may be seen with the assistance of a volunteer in the Archives Redaing Room.

Under special arrangements we should be able to provide copies.