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Research Assistance - Plan B

census.gifUnder this plan we do the digging for you.


Plan B assumes you know the name of an ancestor who once lived in Norfolk County and approximately when they lived here. Trained researchers will search records in the Society's Archives (genealogical records, land abstracts, property ownership and more) seeking the information you request.

However, please give us as much data as possible and try to provide specific dates. The more information and clues you are able to provide, the more productive our efforts will be.

Prices Effective April 8th, 2014 


  • Minimum pre-payment of $30.00 which covers one hour of research time and up to 15 pages of photocopying
  • Additional hours of research available at $25.00 per hour
  • Shipping and Handling Extr
  • $7.00 for research packages to be mailed within Canada
  • $12.00 for research packages to be mailed to the United States
  • Contact us for charges outside of North America
  • Postage fees can be saved by emailing digital copies 


  • 10% discount on above pricing for research fees 
  • No discount on postage rates 
  • If we determine more research is required than covered by the prepayment, we will write/email and ask for your direction. You may then request we end our research and send what information we have found to date, or you may forward additional funds for us to continue the research.

You have two options to make your pre-payment:

    1. Send your cheque, payable to "Norfolk Historical Society", to:

Genealogy Research
Norfolk Historical Society
109 Norfolk Street South
Simcoe, Ontario N3Y 2W3

  1. Pay with PayPal: and we will be able to start on your research right away!

Questions? Please email us at [email protected]

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