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Canadian Genealogy and History Links


A large site with hundreds of links for genealogy and history across Canada.

Church Of Latter Day Saints - Personal Ancestor File


The Church of Latter Day Saints genealogy site. The Mormon Church is the largest compiler of genealogy in the world. Their original computer programme was the first that many genealogist ever used. Their resource center in Sault Lake City, Utah are a must for serious genealogist to visit. Local History Centers are a great source of help and data. Now that they have a web site their data is available on line. This is the best site to start your investigation. Excellent site.

GENWEB Index to Web Genealogies


Sponsored by the Frontier Press Bookstore. GenWeb data base index contains links to all known genealogy databases searchable through the web. It is limited to searchable databases and does not include links devoted to a family unless the database is available for searching. There is a GenWeb registration for you to sign on your database to this list. You can modify or remove this at any time. There is a GenWeb index of the databases, usually by authors family name.. You can join and submit your data. An excellent site to research family name and correspond with other Genealogists.

LDS Family History Centers


This is a limited list of The Church of Latter Day Saints Family. History. Cent. In USA and a few in Canada. Not all listed, not a Church authorized list. Gives addresses and hours open.

Norfolk Genealogy


This web site by Simcoe's John Cardiff provides resources for family historians, much of it based on original research and exclusive to this site, including:

  • Transcriptions of local historical documents
  • Data about founding settlers and their descendants
  • Maps, historical perceptions, and visitors' queries, much of it based on original research and exclusive to this site.

Roots Genealogical Data Cooperative (including Surname List


107,500 free surname lists to search and you can add your own list. Large amount of data available at minimum cost. Memberships, guest homepages, download files

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