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Family Histories

You don't have to reinvent the wheel!

Perhaps a distant cousin has already documented one or more of the branches of your Norfolk County families. You may wish to check out the following list of family documentation.

The Eva Brook Donly Museum and Archives has a growing list of genealogies on file. Most are out of print and available only for on site inspection in the reading room. However, if you are unable to visit the Archives yourself, you can arrange to have an experienced research volunteer complete a search and copy information from these publications. Please refer to Research Assistance for options and applicable costs.

Use the alpha list below to locate the family name your are researching.

AB ... C ... DEFG ... HIJKL ... M ... NOPQR ... S ... TUVWXYZ

Note: Primary family names are listed alphabetically; however, you may use the Search facility (at the top of this page) to do a search for other families that may be included within the Primary family reference information.