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New Books

We maintain a good selection of new books, many by Norfolk authors and historians. They include both historical and fictional novels. And since we also have a collection of rare books that are new yet no longer being published, please take a close look to see if there is a treasure here that will only be available for a limited time.

New Books

Bigger World

Surviving the Titanic, the Boer War, turn of the century India, WW1 and homesteading in Northern Ontario; the author's great grandfather, William Edwy "Ed" Ryerson led quite an exciting life, as told in this book. Ed's story is one of survival and determination to make a difference. This semi-fictional novel is based on facts with the author's interpretations. It is a life and an adventure worth reading about ... and worth remembering! (Paperback 192 pgs - 22.9 x 15.3 cm)

Author: Thomas A. Ryerson

Price $20.00

A Dream Accomplished

A soft-cover book on the Founding of the Belleville General Hospital. A clean, unopened copy of an interesting information on the origin of the hospital with many old black and white photographs (76 pages - 22 x 15.5 cm)

Author: Mika Publishing (out of print)

Price $15.00

Abigail Becker: Angel of Long Point

In 1854, Abigail Becker rescued eight sailors from certain death after their ship was wrecked off Long Point. Until the late 1800's she was actually more famous then Laura Secord. This book presents a carefully, documented version of the famous rescue and Abigail's later life. (100 pages - 23 x 15.5 cm)

Author: Cheryl MacDonald

Price $15.00

Across the Rift

The story concerns the lives of members of a family living in three locations during World War Two: Britain, Nazi-occupied Austria and Southern Rhodesia in Africa. It follows the British members through to the euphoria of VE Day, the Austrian members through to the Allied bombing of Vienna, and African members caught between the winner's euphoria and the loser's humiliation. Despite the dark times, humour, love and redemption feature in equal measure. (Softcover - 475 pages - 21 x 14 cm)

Written in cut prose.

Author: H. Ann Ackroyd

Price $20.00

Alligators of the North

The Story of the famous West & Peachey Steam Warping Tugs from Simcoe, Ontario. (230 pages - 23 x 23 cm)

Authors: Harry B. Barrett and Clarence F. Coons

Price $35.00

Andrew Nelles: A New Canadian 1798

Story of the life, ancestry and some descendants of Andrew Nelles who came to Upper Canada from New York in 1798. Includes the J. B. Jackson and McKiee families, prominant Simcoe families. Also includes the Wagoner, Fox, Dockstater, Hardy, Eakin, Ellis, Sturgis, Biggar, Racey, Mott families. (Hard Cover - 338 pages - 28 x 22 cm).

Author: R. Robert Mutrie

Price $45.00

Aspects of Love

The book comprises three novellas that explore the relationships that can involve, entrap, consume, frustrate and preserve the human spirit. (166 pages - 22.5 x 15 cm)

Author: David Beasley (Fiction)

Price $14.95

Belleville - Centenary Flashback

Dedicated to the Bellville City Council 1978, in celebration of the city's 100th Birthday. (80 pages- 23 x 15 cm )

Compiled by Nick and Helma Mika

(Out of Print - Limited Quantity)

Price $11.00

Belleville - Portrait of a City

Traces some of the highlights of the city of Belleville for 50 years, starting in 1930. (444 pages - 23.5 x 29 cm)

Author: Nick and Helma Mika

(Out of Print - Limited Quantity)

Price $35.00

Belleville - The Seat of Hastings County

History of Belleville written in 1986 to celebrate 150 years. (98 pages - 25 x 17 cm)

Author: Nick and Helma Mika

Price $15.00

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