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Acacia -- former community in Middleton Township, on Lot 1, Concession 3, north of Talbot Road.

Anderson Pond -- body of water in Walsingham Township, near west end of Long Point.

Andy�s Corners -- hamlet in Walsingham Township, on Lots 12 and 13, Concessions 13 and 14. At intersection of Regional Road 21 and Highway 59.

Atherton -- hamlet south of Delhi in southwest Windham Township, on Lot 21, Concession 14. At intersection of Highway 3 and Regional Road 21. Earlier called The Junction or Junctionville. Probably named for Atherton in Lancashire, England.

Austin's Mills -- early name (circa 1835) of Lynn Valley in Woodhouse Township. Soloman Austin settled there circa 1794. His son Philip inherited homestead.

Avalon Park -- facility on Lake Erie, east of Port Ryerse, in Woodhouse Township on Lot 5, Concession A.

Averill�s � see Waterford

Avery�s Mills � see Waterford


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