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Dean's Hotel --on northeast corner of Colborne and Peel streets in Simcoe, 2.5-storey frame building, over 40 rooms including diningroom, kitchen, bar, sample room, office, 11 bed-rooms, stables for up to 200 horses. Sold at public auction 17 Nov 2022

Dedrick�s Creek -- large stream, flows north to south through Lots 14 and 15, Concessions B, A, 1 and 2, Walsingham Township to mouth on Long Point Bay west of Port Rowan. During 1790s known as Murphy�s Creek and earlier as Trader�s Creek. Timothy Murphy, one of the first Norfolk pioneers, settled near mouth of creek. Murphy mentioned Trader�s Creek in one of his land petitions.

Deer Creek -- small stream, rises in Walsingham Township north of Langton, flows south to Big Creek north of Walsingham Centre.

Delhi -- town straddling Middleton and Windham Township line, on Highway 3 west of Simcoe. Founded by Frederick Sovereen as early as 1826, initially named of Sovereen�s Corners then Fredericksburg. In 1856, the name of post office was changed to Delhi, probably for the capital of India. (The older name faded slowly: called Fredericksburg in 1877 Historical Atlas.)

Doan�s Hollow -- was small community in Woodhouse Township on Lot 6, Concession 2, at intersection of St. John�s Church Road (Regional Road 3) and the Blue Line. Named for Elijah Doan, pioneer settler there. Previously called Smokey Hollow and Pleasant Valley. No longer exists.

Doctor Inlet -- severing cut midway along Long Point between Snow Island and Courtwright Ridge.

Dog�s Nest -- was small community in Woodhouse Township on Lot 17, Concession 2 west of Port Dover at intersection of Highway 6 and Mill Road. Named for tavern established by William and Tamar Furlong about 1851. Still marked by road signs in 1950s. No longer exists.

Duncan�s Pond -- body of water near west end of Long Point.

Dundurn -- a neighbourhood in Townsend Township on Lot 1, Concession 8, on Highway 24 west of Waterford. Maybe named for mansion of Sir Alan MacNab in Hamilton, Ontario now known as Dundurn Park. No longer exists.


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