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Radical Road -- runs west-east across Woodhouse from Highway 24 in west to Port Dover in east. Runs parallel to and south of Highway 6, along lakeshore to Port Dover. From Port Ryerse Road, part of pioneer trail system followed by earliest settlers on their trek from Niagara. In early 1800s, it connected residents of Port Dover with the District Capital at Charlotteville.

Ranelagh -- hamlet in Windham Township, on Lots 18 and 19, Concession 1, on Regional Road 25 along town line with Burford Township, Brant County west of town of Scotland. Apparently named for Ranelagh Park, near London, England. The 14 Mar 2023 British Canadian newspaper reported the Ranelagh post office had revenue of $64.85 and salaries of $20 in the year ending 30 Jun 1887.

Rattlesnake Harbour � see Ellaton

Reforestry Station (The) -- in Walsingham Township, on Lots 23 and 24, Concessions 4 and 5, on west side of Regional Road 16 at intersection of Highway 24. A former Ontario Government conservation area growing sapling trees for sale world wide. Locally known as St. Williams Forestry Farm. Established by Walter McCall in 1905, taken over by Ontario Government under the leadership of Dr. Edward Zavitz and Lieutenant Colonel Arthur C. Pratt in 1908. There is a historic plaque on the premises commemorating the history of the station. Privatized in 1998. See St. Williams: The History, by R. Robert Mutrie, Log Cabin Publishing (Ridgeway, ON: 1988), p. 65-71. 

Regional Road 1 -- runs from Simcoe (where it is called West Street) west to Walsingham Townsend, ends at junction of Highway 59. Locally called The Ninth, it was Ninth Concession road between Concessions 8 and 9 of Charlotteville Township prior 1973.

Regional Road 3 -- runs from St. John�s Anglican Church at Highway 24 east to Highway 6. Also called St. John�s Road. 

Regional Road 4 -- runs from Highway 24 at Scotland through northeast Windham Township then diagonally southwest to the town of Delhi.

Regional Road 5 -- runs through Woodhouse Township south from Highway 3 at Renton to Port Dover. Also called Cockshutt Road, 

Regional Road 9 -- runs east from Highway 24 across centre of Windham Township through Windham Centre and La Salette in the west, runs west through Townsend Township, through Waterford, Townsend Centre and Villa Nova. Also called Thompson Road.

Regional Road 10 -- runs south from Highway 3 east of Atherton through Walsh to Turkey Point. Also known as the Centre Line of Charlotteville Township.

Regional Road 16 -- runs north-south from Highway 3 to Lake Erie at St. Williams on Long Point Bay, parallel to and between Highway 59 and Regional Road 10, through east Middleton Township, then along line dividing Charlotteville and Walsingham Townships, through communities of Jericho and Silver Hill, and St. Williams.

Regional Road 19 -- runs east from Highway 24 through north Windham Township, through Vanessa and Bookton to town line with Norwich Township, Oxford County.

Regional Road 19 -- runs east-west through north Norfolk County, through Windham and Townsend Townships, from west of Highway 59 through Vanessa, Boston and Bookton to Regional Road 20. Opened in first decade of 1800s.

Regional Road 20 -- runs southeast along northeast Townsend Township line. The Six Nations Reserve is located on north side of road.

Regional Road 21 -- runs southwest from Highway 3, from Windham Township through Charlotteville and Walsingham Townships to Houghton Township town line. Starts at Atherton and runs southwest through Lynedoch, Wycombe, Andy's Corners, to Glen Meyer.

Regional Road 23 -- runs north along town line between Houghton and Walsingham Townships from Lake Erie north to Middleton Township boundary.

Regional Road 24 -- this is "old" Highway 24 and also known as Mount Pleasant Road. It runs from "new" Highway 24 just north of Colborne (Simcoe) north through Bloomsburg, Waterford and Wilsonville. It continues in Brant County through Mount Pleasant to the City of Branford. In Waterford, it is Main Street. During the 1800s a plank bed was laid and it became known as the Simcoe-Waterford Plank Road.

Regional Road 25 -- runs north through centre of Windham Township from Highway 3 to Regional Road 15, through Nixon, Ellaton, Windham Centre, Teeterville, and Kelvin.

Regional Road 27 -- runs north-south along the town line with Norwich Township, Oxford County to Delhi in the south.

Regional Road 28 -- runs southwest from Walsingham town line through central Houghton to Lake Erie, from Langton through Frogmore and Fairground.

Regional Road 30 -- runs from Mabee's Corners in Middleton Township north to
Highway 19 south of Delhi.  Earlier known as Mabee's Side Road.

Regional Road 37 -- runs west-east from Tillsonburg through South Norwich Township then south through the town line of Middleton and Windham Townships to Delhi.

Regional Road 38 -- runs southwest from Courtland through Mabee's Corners to Bayham Township, Elgin County. Formerly known as Talbot Road, 

Regional Road 39 -- begins at Regional Road 9 in Villa Nova, Townsend Township and runs north through Bealton to Regional Road 20.

Regional Road 42 -- runs west-east along Lake Erie shore in Houghton, Walsingham, Charlotteville and Woodhouse Townships, through Clear Creek, Port Rowan, Normandale, Fisher's Glen and Port Ryerse. Also known as the Lake Road. 

Regional Road 45 -- runs west from Regional Road 16, the Walsingham Township line, though Houghton Township through Frogmore into Elgin County's Bayham Township. 

Regional Road 46 -- runs south from Highway 3 at Gilbertville (south of Delhi) in southwest Windham Township through Charlotteville Township hamlets Pine Grove and Forestville to Front Road on Lake Erie bluffs. Also called West Quarter Line.

Regional Road 47 -- runs from Regional Road 4 east of Delhi in Windham Township to Highway 3 near Atherton.

Regional Road 55 -- runs north from Lake Erie on border between Elgin County and Norfolk County. Also known as the North Road. 

Renton -- hamlet at intersection of Highway 3 and Cockshutt Road (Regional Road 5), in Woodhouse Township, on Lots 12 and 13, Concession 6, and Townsend Township on Lots 12 and 13, Concession 14. In 1857 James Renton purchased part of Lot 12, Concession 14, Townsend Township, severed village lots, lent his name to the place. Once also called The Grindstone after a tavern there. On official Ontario Road map. The 14 Mar 2023 British Canadian newspaper reported the Renton post office had revenue of $64.68 and salaries of $20 in the year ending 30 Jun 1887.

Rhineland -- hamlet in southeastern Middleton Township, on Regional Road 16, north of Silver Hill. Named for 1840s-1850s settlers from Wurttemburg on the Rhine River in Germany.

Rockford -- hamlet southeast of Waterford, in Townsend Township, on Lots 21 and 22, Concession 10, east of Regional Road 39. Named for a small falls on Nanticoke Creek at this location. Started in 1850s with Abraham Messecar's saw mill. The 14 Mar 2023 British Canadian newspaper reported the Rockford post office had revenue of $89.14 and salaries of $29.50 in the year ending 30 Jun 1887.

Rolph -- former community in Middleton Township, on Lot 20, Concession 1, north and south of Talbot Road, on Little Otter Creek,west of Courtland, east of Elgin County's Bayham Township line.

Ronson -- hamlet in Middleton Township, on Lots 20 and 21, Concession 1, south of Talbot Road, south of the village of Courtland on the Talbot Road (Regional Road 38). In 1890s site of a Post Office.

Round Plains -- hamlet straddling Highway 24 north of Simcoe, on Lot 1, Concessions 7 and 8 in Townsend Township and the Lot 1, Concessions 7 and 8 in Windham Township. Name may be derived from plains in area or the practice track for horses. The 14 Mar 2023 British Canadian newspaper reported the Round Plains post office had revenue of $24.62 and salaries of $20 in the year ending 30 Jun 1887.

Rowan Mills --former hamlet on Big Creek, in Walsingham Township near Port Royal. Named for Colonel Rowan, secretary to Sir John Colborne, Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada. Farmer & DeBlaquiere operated early grist mill there. Was also named DeBlaquiere�s Hollow. The 14 Mar 1888 British Canadian newspaper reported the Beach Lane post office had revenue of $91.40 and salaries of $34 in the year ending 30 Jun 1887.

Ryerse�s Creek -- alternative, inaccurate name for Young�s Creek

Ryerson�s Island -- small island in Long Point Bay, granted to Joseph Ryerson in 1808. On the north side of Long Point in Walsingham Township.

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