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Backus Mill Conservation Area -- Ontario Government facility north of Port Rowan in Walsingham Township, on Lot 17, Concession 1, west of Regional Road 42. Preservation area for indiginous Carolinian forest and early buildings. Includes pioneer village centred around grist mill built by John Backhouse in 1798.

Barnum�s Creek -- strean in Charlotteville Township, flows south from Forestville through Lot 7, Concessions 1 and A, to Long Point Bay. Named for Nathan Barnum family who settled Lot 7, Concession A in 1793.

Beach Lane -- location undetermined. The 14 Mar 2023 British Canadian newspaper reported the Beach Lane post office had revenue of $47 and salaries of $16 in the year ending 30 Jun 1887.

Bealton -- hamlet east of Boston, in Townsend Township, Lots 18 and 19, Concessions 3 and 4, at the intersection of Regional Roads 19 and 39. Named for Peter and Barzilla Beal who owned farms there in mid-1800s. Earlier called Centreville, apparently due to position between Boston and Hartford; name refused by the post office in 1869 due to other places named Centreville, so Bealton adopted.

Bethel -- a former community in Charlotteville Township on Lot 9, Concession A, on the Front Road south of the village of Forestville on the bluffs above Long Point Bay. This may also be a name for Mabee�s Corners.

Bethlehem -- former hamlet in Windham Township on Lot 7, Concession 14, north of Highway 3, northwest of Simcoe. Named for the Methodist Church there in the late 1860s. The cemetery remains. Identified with Nathan Wade Boughner, who lived on Lot 6, Concession 13, Windham Township, south of Lynnville.

Big and Little Rice Bay -- a southern arm of Long Point Bay, in Walsingham Township at Long Point behind Thoroughfare Point.

Big Creek -- a major stream fed by several smaller streams, rises in Brant County west of the village of Harley, flows southwest through western Windham Township, through Delhi in Middleton Township then southwest Walsingham Township to Long Point Bay. The largest stream in western Norfolk County, and likely took its name from that fact. In pioneer times before roads, Big Creek served as a major thoroughfare for settlers. Mills and villages sprouted up along it, notably Teeterville in Windham Township, Delhi in Middleton Township, Lyndoch in Charlotteville Township and Walsingham Centre, Spring Arbor and Port Royal in Walsingham Township.

Big Creek Region Conservation Area -- an Ontario Government bird, animal and fish preserve, along the length of Big Creek and its tributaries to its source at Long Point, in Walsingham Township where it meets the mainland. Big Creek Region Conservation Authority, established 1948, expanded from its beginnings at the south end of Big Creek to include Backus Mill Conservation Area, and Hay Creek Conservation Area. It now includes all streams in Norfolk County, plus the Upper Thames River in Oxford, Otter Creek in Bayham, and Nanticoke Creek in Walpole.

Big Otter Creek -- a large stream, flows from Oxford County�s South Norwich Township, through northwest Middleton Township to Oxford County�s Bayham Township, where it runs south to Lake Erie.

Bill�s Corners -- small hamlet west of Simcoe in Charlotteville Township, on Lots 18 and 19, Concessions 8 and 9, at intersection of Regional Road 1 and East Quarter Line Road.

Birdtown � see Simcoe

Black Creek -- major stream, rises in south central Townsend Township at Tyrell,  flows southeast through Woodhouse Township then southwest to the Lynn River at Port Dover.

Blayney -- small hamlet west of Simcoe in Charlotteville Township, on "The Ninth",  Regional Road 1, [between hamlets of Green's Corners and Glenshee?]

Bloomsburg -- hamlet north of Simcoe, south of Waterford, in Townsend Township on Lot 4, Concession 13, on Regional Road 24 east of Highway 24. Innkeeper William Kitchen owned land there and named it for his former home at Bloomsburg in Derry Township, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania. Earlier called Culver Plains for the many of that name who lived there.

Blue Line -- road running north-south through Townsend and Woodhouse Townships, from just south of Waterford to Lake Erie bluff west of Port Dover, east of Port Ryerse. Crosses Highway 3 east of Simcoe. Also called West Quarter Line road.

Bookton -- hamlet north of Delhi in Windham Township on Lots 21 and 22, Concession 4. On Regional Road 19. Named for William Book who bought Lot 21 in 1844.

Booth�s Harbour -- hamlet on Long Point Bay, southeast of St. Williams in Charlotteville Township, on Lot 2, Concession B. On the Front Road east of Regional Road 16. Established by Charles Booth as marina in 1957, then community developed. Visit Booth's Harbour (marina only) web site. 

Boston -- village northwest of Waterford in Townsend Township, on Lots 12 and 13, Concessions 3 and 4, at intersection of Regional Roads 5 and 19. Possibly named for Boston, Massachusetts or the town in Lincoln, England. Established first decade of  1800s. Name made official when post office established in 1852. Federal government tried to rename it Boylston but opposition resulted in Boston being restored. Confusion in the mail system with the city in Massachusetts resulted in a brief change to Shawmut in 1895, but the name was again restored.  

Boston Creek -- stream, rises at Wilsonville in Townsend Township, flows east through  Boston to south of Hartford in Walpole Township, Haldimand County. Empties into the Grand River.

Bostwick Road -- winding road from north Walsingham Township through southwest Middleton Township. Meets Talbot Road at Guysboro. Named for Bostwick family. Built in early 1800s.

Boughner's Corners -- see Langton.

Bowlby�s -- former station on the railway in Woodhouse Township between Port Dover and Simcoe.

Boylston � see Boston

Brandy Creek -- (1) hamlet in Windham Township on Lots 18 and 19, Concessions 9 and 10. (2) small stream in southwestern Windham Township. Flows into Big Creek.

Bridges (The) �- see Townsend Centre

Brown�s Corners �- see Half Way House

Brownsville �- see Walsingham

Buck�s Corners �- see Villa Nova

Buckwest Street -- in Windham Township, an early name for the road running between the ninth and tenth concessions, west from present Highway 24, north of Lynnville. This name was still informally used into the 1930s. 

Burnt Ridge --  rise of land near the west end of Long Point, Lake Erie.


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