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Oakwood Cemetery -- Norfolk County's largest cemetery located at Simcoe, east of Norfolk Street, off Victoria Street. Simcoe's primary cemetery for over 100 years.

Old Cut Channel -- former channel on Long Point, west of Old Cut Lighthouse. In early times, the cut severed Long Point but the south end has since silted up.

Old Highway 24 -- local name for Regional Road 24 in Townsend Township. Runs from Highway 24 north of Simcoe through Bloomsburg and Waterford and north of Norfolk County. Was part of original Highway 24 before Highway was straighten to run due north in early 1970s. Also known as Mount Pleasant Road.

Old Turkey Point Road (The) -- section of Front Road on Long Point Bay in Charlotteville Township, on Lot 13, Concession A, between Normandale and Turkey Point. East of Regional Road 10, the newer access to Turkey Point.

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