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Violin Making - As It Was and Is

A historical, theoretical, and practical treatise in the science and art of violin- making, for the use of violin makers and players, amateur and professional. (352 pages - 22 x 14 cm)

Author: Ed Heron-Allen

Condition: Acceptable - well used but clean

Price $15.00

Walpole Township - Centennial History

A narrative historical review of people and events through the eyes of Rev. Kenneth N. (1967 - Out of print) (117 pages - 23 x 15 cm)

Author: Rev. Kenneth Brueton

Price $15.00

War and Civilization

Selected by Albert Vann Fowler from " A Study of History", here in easily readable form, are the Toynbee's comments on the danger of Militarism. (165 pages - 22 x 15 cm)

Author: Arnold J. Toynbee

Price $15.00

Watercolours of Charlotte Hills Beasley

A book of prints of lovely Botanical watercolours done by Charlotte Hills Beasley who, without doubt, was a very gifted painter. Introduction by David R. Beasley and commentary by Jim Cruise (63 pages - 30.5 x 29.5 cm)

Price $90.00

Waterford United Church - A History

A history of the church; from settlement in Norfolk County, Methodism in North America, the new building in 1855, and the first years as a United Church. Includes records of births, marriages and deaths. (427 pages - 26 x 20 cm)

Published by Waterford United Church

Price $40.00

Wesleyan Methodist Baptisms 1842-1877

Wesleyan Methodist Baptisms of Norfolk County, 1842-1877 recorded by townships taken from microfilm reels provided by the United Church Archives, Victoria College, Toronto. (61 pages - 28 x 21.5 cm)

Price $20.00

Westbrook - The Outlaw

A story about a Canadian traitor during the War of 1812. (83 pages - 22.5 x 15.5 cm)

Author: Major John Richardson (Fiction)

Price $9.95

Western Hooves of Thunder

McArthur's raid against the Six Nations along the Grand River during the War of 1812. Colourful illustrations by Scott Patterson. (40 pages - 23 x 20 cm)

Author: Zig Misiak

Price $14.95

What Was It Like in the Olden Days Grandpa

A volume of wonderful personal childhood reminiscences of life and activity in the rural countryside of the early 1900's. Written by Bruce Pearce, born in the Village of Waterford, Ontario and who later became publisher of the Simcoe Reformer newspaper.

An enjoyable read about a simpler time. (33 pages - 23 x 15.5 cm)

Author: Bruce Pearce

Price $5.00

Who Killed George?

A Victoria melodrama - The investigation of a murder provides an insight into the legal system, social sentiments and the status of women in Canada and the USA at that time. (239 pages - 22 x 15 cm)

Author: Cheryl MacDonald (Historical Fiction)

Price $14.95

Who Killed Sir Harry Oakes

Sir Harry Oakes was a retired billionaire, a self-made man who struck gold in the frozen Canadian north and was now the leading citizen of the Bahamas.Who killed him and why? (248 pages- 23.5 x 15.5cm)

Author: James Leasor

Price $20.00

Who Really Invented the Automobile

History of the Automobile Industry of Trade and the suppression of the automobile. (180 pages - 23 x 6 cm)

Author: David Beasley (Fiction)

Price $17.95

Who Wouldn't Have A Photograph

Although Issac Horning's status as the first or the second of Simcoe's pioneer photographers is open to some question, there is no doubt that he has left the most interesting record of all. At present they are the only locally produced outdoor scenes we have found previous to 1870. This book includes a brief survey of Horning's contemporaries in Norfolk photography as well. Numbered 1st Edition signed by the editors. ( 33 pages - 28 x 21 cm )

Editors: Leonard Norrie, David Pickard, Sylvia Sloot, William Yeager and published by the Norfolk Historical Society 1976

Price $10.00

Who's Who 1950

Biographical Dictionary of who's who in 1950, Britian, U.S.A., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, India, Burma, China, and Hong Kong. (3099 pages - 22 x 14.5 cm)

Author: Adam and Charles Black

Condition: Excellent - boards and spine in good condition, original dust jacket edge-worn but in place. A quality copy.

Price $100.00

Williams Genealogy Sources

Jonathan Williams 17[52] - 1765NY and Mary Titus and their children. Ann Nancy, John Wm., Mary, Titus, Elijah, Francis, Issac, Charles, Henry, Horatio. By generations. (72 pages).

Price $20.00

Wills of the London District 1800-1839

This booklet gives a very much shortened version of the text of the orginal will. Important information on wills in the 19th century. (34 pages - 28 x 21.5 cm)

Price $10.00

Winston Churchill - Prime Minister

A selection from speeches made by Winston Churchill during the four years that Britian had been at war. Distributed by United Kingdom Information Office. (26 pages - 23 x 18 cm)

Condition: Acceptable

Price $10.00

Woodhouse Twp - 1812 Census

One of the most important documents for Norfolk County genealogical research is the 1812 census record for Woodhouse Township. This 1812 census is a partial census only. Researchers believe that only a part of Woodhouse Township was included, and several old family names known to be in Woodhouse then do not appear. (17 pages - 28 x 21.5 cm)

Price $10.00

Woodhouse Twp - 1812 Partial Census

Woodhouse Twp, Norfolk County 1812 Census. Norfolk County pioneers with index (21 pages - 28 x 21.5 cm)

Price $10.00

Woodhouse Twp - Assessments 1834

Assessments of the Township of Woodhouse, Norfolk County for the year 1834 with index. (12 pages - 28 x 21.5 cm)

Price $10.00